Podcast Ep. 32 | Smoking Out Cancer: Could Cannabis Hold the Key to a Cure? with Strawberry Dutchess

EP. 32 | Smoking Out Cancer: Could Cannabis Hold the Key to a Cure?



Jan 31 • 53 Mins.

This week we're sitting down with cannabis enthusiast & cancer researcher Strawberry Dutchess to learn more about how cannabis has been used to aid people going through chemotherapy and the ongoing research into whether this plant has the potential to do more for these patients, like recent studies that show it can shrink tumors. We'll learn about the biomechanics behind the munchies, consider approaching research from a whole-plant perspective, and look towards exciting studies on the horizon thanks to the Medical Cannabis Research bill that passed in 2022. Plus! The FDA issued final guidance for cannabis-based drug researchers while kicking the task of regulating hemp-based food & supplements back to Congress, a recent study that concluded cannabinoids can kill a specific type of cancer cell, and another that suggests it could help bridge the orgasm gap. Which is like the wage gap, but for orgasms. Excelsior!

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