Podcast Ep. 31 | Should Cannabis Strains Be Treated Like Art? with CanopyRight

EP. 31 | Should Cannabis Strains Be Treated Like Art?



Jan 24 • 50 Mins.

This week the Gentleman invites you to look at weed from the perspective of intellectual property! First we'll provide some background info on the Phylos Galaxy controversy, an initiative marketed as a way to protect the work of legacy breeders from Big Agriculture via genetic testing...until Phylos announced their own plans to breed the cultivars of the future. Then we'll look at US patents granted for cannabis strains- how they work, which strains are patented, and who owns them. Next we're talking with Jeff Hamilton and Lelehnia DuBois from CanopyRight, a blockchain-based startup out of California that aims to help breeders protect their IP and get paid for it while maintaining user privacy, without their prized genetics ever leaving their possession. Finally, we'll weigh the chances of a new bill to restore Second Amendment rights to medical marijuana patients.

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