Podcast Ep. 15 | Navigating the World of Mushrooms with Will Padilla-Brown

EP. 15 | Navigating the World of Mushrooms with Will Padilla-Brown



Oct 4 • 55 Mins.

Will Padilla-Brown, host of the Apex Grower YouTube Channel & founder of Mycosymbiotics, takes us on a journey from the natural world to Babylon to the inner workings of consciousness as we discuss the expanding world of psychedelic mushroom medicines - what the future therapeutic industry look like, the benefits of different cultivars, tips for having a safe trip, and more! Plus Gentleman Toker brings you up to speed on the latest study of the impact cannabis legalization has on Big Pharma sales, the opening of the first legal psilocybin treatment centers in the US, and the Wall Street Journal's complaints about equity licenses for the justice-impacted in New York. Wow, all in one episode? You're darn skippy! Suit up, flyboy, this rocket's ready to go!

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