Podcast Ep. 33 | Inside DC's All-Inclusive Bud & Breakfast with Lucille Verdé

EP. 33 | Inside DC's All-Inclusive Bud & Breakfast with Lucille Verde



Feb 7 • 50 Mins.

Lucille Verde, the owner of 420-friendly bed & breakfast Canna Cape Cod DC, joins the Gentleman to share her experience as an entrepreneur navigating the exciting new space of cannabis tourism & hospitality. What should you expect when you stay at a bud & breakfast? How can hosts foster a lively, interactive atmosphere that turn guests into regulars? What is the average cannabis tourist looking for? Also this week: the American Medical Association finds no statistically significant increase in psychosis between legal & prohibitionist states; the American weed industry prepares for more layoffs this year (heralded by Curaleaf's announced exit from mature West Coast markets); and a new program to help those in need access free/low-cost cannabis & hemp-derived medicine.

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