Podcast Ep. 20 | How to Find Effective CBD Products w/Daniel Simmonds

EP. 20 | How to Find Effective CBD Products w/Daniel Simmonds



Nov 8 • 49 Mins.

To say that today’s CBD market is saturated is a generous understatement. With literally thousands of products available to consumers and little to no regulatory oversight over their manufacture, how do you even begin to choose which are worth your money? That’s exactly why Daniel Simmonds started Georgetown Hemp and why we’ve asked him to explain the right questions to ask to make sure the CBD shop you work with is knowledgeable and the products you purchase are safe & effective. The Gentleman also celebrates the news that cannabis use has eclipsed tobacco in the US, then warily eyes both federal law enforcement plans for new weed breathalyzers and smartphones wanting to know if you smoke. Reap the whirlwind of knowledge herein, forthwith!

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