Podcast Ep. 16 | CBD for Cosmetics & Athletics w/MacKenzie McClain-Hill

EP. 16 | CBD for Cosmetics & Athletics w/MacKenzie McClain-Hill



Oct 11 • 46 Mins.

Challenging the lazy stoner stereotype, cannabis & hemp products have found their way into the self-care essentials we use everyday and are increasingly favored by competitive athletes over traditional pharmaceuticals. MacKenzie McClain-Hill, mother, elite athlete, and founder of CBD-infused health & beauty brand LumiBloom, shatters it all by herself and inspires the Gentleman to glow up in this episode! Plus: Biden announces pardons and begins the process of reviewing cannabis’ placement on the Controlled Substances Act, the World Anti-Doping Agency keeps weed on its ban list, and MedMen’s recent legal shenanigans present a threat to the entire industry. All in one episode!

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