Podcast Ep. 12 | Changing Perceptions of Cannabis w/ Jesse Angeles & Brandon Elder

EP. 12 | Changing Perceptions of Cannabis w/Jesse Angeles & Brandon Elder



Sep 13 • 46 Mins.

In this episode, the Gentleman weighs in on the Brittney Griner controversy, pros/cons of the DANK Act for research and expungements, and sits down with the hosts of the podcast Cannabis School to discuss the changing perceptions around cannabis use, the people who enjoy it, & the patients that rely on it, plus things people new to modern cannabis medicine need and want to know about the plant itself, the industry around it, and much more. Go ahead and press play, you don't want to be behind on the watercooler talk when everyone else has heard the episode but you haven't so you just have to smile and nod like you did! Awk-ward!

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