Podcast Ep. 25 | Looking Back/to the Future of I-71 with Adam Eidinger

EP. 25 | Looking Back/to the Future of I-71 with Adam Eidinger



Dec 13 • 63 Mins.

In this episode we're interviewing Adam Eidinger, the relentless activist for cannabis reform that founded DC Marijuana Justice, the organization that led the way to cannabis becoming legalized in Washington DC. We're seeking his advice for advocates to effect change in places where weed remains illegal, protesting to end prohibition on the federal level, looking back at how Congressional meddling accidentally created the most socially equitable market in the country in the nation's capital and what it's fate will be as the local government seeks to regulate it. Plus! We get into the weeds of the Cowboy Cup controversy where Ganjiers disqualified a ton of entries for mold. What really went down? The Gentleman tries to piece it all together for you.

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