Platinum Gelato (Dope City Supreme)

Dope City Supreme immediately impressed the Gentleman with strong branding and some of the prettiest  flowers I've found around the District's I71 marijuana gifting scene. I worked in printing for fifteen years and have a strong appreciation for a hot logo and quality promo gear, like DCS' branded apparel and foil-stamped stickers, but it's ok if you look past all that for the gorgeous ganja goodies in the shopping bag. I can't walk past a luggage store without peeking around, either, but my neuroses are entirely beside the point. You can purchase DCS merch and schedule your delivery through their website. Their FAQ is helpful if you have any questions, as is the online chat assistant that pops up when you visit. The gift would have to come up with, uh, a pocket imp that gets on your laptop and orders for you when the bag runs low to be any easier. Well, I assume it would just jump around from key to key, grunting adorably as it goes. Look, you're thinking too hard about this.DOPE CITY SUPREME DC LOGO LINKVISIT DOPE CITY! If you missed out on their trichome-rich GG #1 flowers a few months ago, no worries-Dope City Supreme's  Platinum Gelato is also frostier than your breakfast flakes! My sample eighth was a few sizable, perfectly manicured (no stems, no sugar leaves) light green nugs with intermittent orange hairs. The flowers are fresh, well-cured, a bit soft to the touch, and easy to pull apart. Most exciting is the nose on this Platinum GSC x Gelato cross. It smells like fresh cut limes in my grinder. Magnifique! That indicates the presence of the terpene limonene, which is more commonly expressed as a lemon aroma, so finding a strong, clean lime scent is as exciting as it gets here at GTHQ. Sigh. Anyway, the smoke is very smooth- I barely coughed throughout my jay- and that lime scent remains after combustion, leaving a pleasant aftertaste with each exhale. Platinum Gelato cannabis Dope City Supreme's Platinum Gelato is an interesting combination of mental engagement and body stone. I found out Hulu has one of my favorite shows ever last night, River Monsters, but freshwater fish detective Jeremy Wade's reassuring voice merely served as white noise while I updated the News page, paid bills, etc. I had good focus, but not great- on several occasions, I found my thoughts pulling me in more exciting directions than taking care of the basic housekeeping and I'd have to force my attention back to the tasks at hand. It ended up being a very productive evening, capped with a couple Fudgey Grahams to handle the munchies that came on before bed (despite a late dinner). They're not called Fudgey Grahams? Whatevs, you know what I meant.

 Platinum Gelato flower marijuana 

As expected from limonene, the Platinum Gelato is very helpful at correcting my mood from 'BURN ALL OF THE THINGS HAHAHA' to 'Glenn Howerton has a new show hahaha maybe I'll burn a little something later.' You should definitely check out AP Bio if you haven't yet. It's not Sunny- sigh again- but it definitely suffices for my Dennis withdrawals. You can't just walk away from a five-star man, baby! Now, this strain is a bit of a creeper, which means the effects blossom over time instead of hitting you in the head like a half-brick inna sock, so you want to smoke your usual amount and give it 10 minutes before reloading. Otherwise, that body stone is gonna overtake that cognitive energy and you're gonna be dying for a nap. But if it's night-time anyway, just keep smoking Dope City Supreme's delicious lime flowers and go to bed. Statistically, you probably need more sleep anyway, and less late night Fudgey Grahams. And when was the last time you called your mother? Hmm? Dope City Supreme's website is right here and you can check out their gift menu & event appearances on Instagram, too. Remember to sign up for my newsletter before you go, dearie.