Online Resources for the Bud-ding Grower
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We’ve all wondered what it’s like to do it ourselves -- plant a seed, watch it grow, and proudly light that baby up! No lines, no taxes, no problem, right? That depends who you ask, but truthfully, we think the hardest part is getting started. 

If you’ve never been to your local hydroponics store, go ahead and check it out and even introduce yourself. Just be warned there’s a good chance your inexperience will be noted and they’ll be more than happy to pile your cart high with not-so-necessary junk and accessories.

A better idea might be to get your feet wet online with some of our favorite resources. Even if you end up waiting four months, investing $500 into an ounce, and battling pest and pathogen problems, at least you'll be equipped with enough knowledge to run it solo.

Grow Weed Easy

Since 2010, Grow Weed Easy has put out a highly-polished article every week, covering topics that range from “Male vs Female Plants” to “Light Schedules When Using Colloidal Silver to Make Feminized Seeds.” Their guides for pest and nutrient problems are stellar! Whatever the question, chances are, Grow Weed Easy has an answer for what you’re looking for. 

On the off chance that their 500 essays don’t whet your appetite, maybe kicking back and browsing a few YouTube channels sounds more tantalizing. We’ve compiled a short list of those to get you started as well:

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From Seed to Stoned

YouTube’s best crash course comes courtesy of From Seed to Stoned. They’ve also got start-to-finish grows with weekly video updates (found under playlists), and other videos that each tackle a single topic. We love the timestamped chapters!

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Mr. Canuck's Grow 

A proud Canadian, eh? What’re we doing, making ice hash?! All kidding aside, if Ricky can do it, there must be something in the water. Mr. Canuck's Grow blends video journaling, narrating, and close-up shots into an easy-to-watch format that’s fun but not short on details.

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Indica Institute

For a change of pace, the Indica Institute has taken the “for dummies” approach and used cartoons and infographics to walk you through everything, from basic preliminary questions to more advanced cultivation techniques. It’s exceptionally well-organized and clearly presented, perfect for those who have trouble following a fast-talking narrator or more chaotic editing styles.

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Weed In A Pot

Another channel that does both instructional videos and grow journals, and sometimes a hybrid of the two is Weed In A Pot. They cover topics and offer DIY guides that you won’t find on other channels. Don’t miss the time lapse and side-by-side videos. Observing part of a plant’s daily routine or lifecycle is a great way to begin reading the plant’s visual cues and telltale signs of health or stress. Even more content can be found at Hemp In A Pot.

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Here you’ll find short, but detailed, videos that each tackle specific topics with a faced-paced editing style. The Just4Growers playlists put things in general categories, but not chronological order, so don’t be afraid to browse around for what piques your interest.

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Cali Green

For insights into indoor and outdoor organic growing, you’ll find hours of well-produced content in a variety of styles from Cali Green. There’s definitely great beginner content, but the organization is a bit less succinct than others. Those with the time and patience to let longer videos play out will be rewarded thorough instructions, recipes, and insights that may be overlooked by other channels.

And that’s it, we’re finally ready to grow our own pot! We’ll check back with you soon! Good luck out there!

This is not an endorsement of specific methods or products. We've chosen resources that keep it simple and minimize risk for beginners. No method is foolproof and each grow has its own unique needs. Optimal results and efficiency require observation and adjustment over time.