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CDC VAPE UPDATE 9/19/19: Outbreak of Lung Disease Associated with E-Cigarette Use, or Vaping




Maryland's medical marijuana program has been rolling since Dec '17! Residents can officially sign up as a patient using the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission's website, you'll just need to set up a doctor's visit. There are dispensaries open in most counties across the state and still more to come.


Prices and quality of products are decent and improving rapidly. The MMCC just put out an advisory about vape carts- you can read more here.


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9/23/19: Maryland shouldn’t let police officers search vehicles just because of the smell of marijuana (THE DIAMONDBACK)


9/23/19: MEDICAL MARIJUANA | Maryland's program thriving (CUMBERLAND TIMES-NEWS)


9/20/19: 20 Illnesses Associated With E-Cigarettes Confirmed In Maryland (CBS BALTIMORE)


9/20/19: In historic move, US House to vote on cannabis banking bill next week (MJ BIZ DAILY)


9/17/19: Chart: Maryland’s 2019 medical cannabis sales on pace to double 2018 sales (MJ BIZ DAILY)


9/13/19: Maryland reports 15 cases of vaping related illnesses, up from 5 last month (BALTIMORE SUN)


9/13/19: Harvest expands in Maryland with takeover of second cannabis dispensary (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)


9/12/19: Some medical marijuana users in Maryland reporting symptoms amid spate of vaping-related illness (BALTIMORE SUN)


9/12/19: Maryland’s medical cannabis commission chief resigns (MJ BIZ DAILY)


9/10/19: Baltimore police handle marijuana suspects differently under consent decree, recent court ruling (BALTIMORE SUN)


9/10/19: Md. Medical Cannabis Commission director Joy Strand to resign (BALTIMORE BUSINESS JOURNAL)


9/9/19: Baltimore City Council to consider banning marijuana testing of candidates for many city government jobs (BALTIMORE SUN)


9/9/19: These Cops Are Seizing Cash from People Who Smell Like Weed Before They Fly to California (VICE)


9/8/19: A bigger crop: Why Maryland’s medical pot growers are adding more plants (WASHINGTON POST)


9/6/19: Former Baltimore Marijuana Distributor, A Fugitive For Nine Years, Pleads Guilty To Federal Drug Charges (WJZ 13)


9/5/19: Baltimore restaurants put CBD on the menu. Is it legal? (BALTIMORE SUN)


9/5/19: Man Arrested For Possession Of Over $4K Worth Of Marijuana (WJZ 13)


9/4/19: Medicine Man Technologies Buys Eight Colorado Dispensaries in Two Days (WESTWORD)


9/2/19: Pro-Legalization Primary Challenger Slams Top Democrat’s Marijuana Opposition (MARIJUANA MOMENT)


9/2/19: Community Wellness is bringing medical cannabis awareness to local minorities (WMDT)


8/31/19: Man arrested in shooting that injured 4 in Frederick, Md. (WUSA 9)


8/30/19: In Maryland and across the country, the health downfalls of vaping keep mounting (BALTIMORE SUN)


8/30/19: 3 Baltimore men are convicted on gang charges related to murder of popular bartender in Canton (BALTIMORE SUN)


8/29/19: Federal Public Health Agencies Remain Fairly Quiet As Vaping Cases Continue To Climb Across At Least 22 States (KAISER HEALTH NEWS)


8/28/19: Five hospitalized for possible vaping-related illness in Maryland (BALTIMORE SUN)


8/27/19: Top House Democrat Peddles Gateway Theory To Justify Marijuana Legalization Opposition (MARIJUANA MOMENT)


8/27/19: Vote on cannabis testing delayed (MARYLAND DAILY RECORD)


8/27/19: Aberdeen man sentenced to 35 years for cocaine, marijuana distribution (BALTIMORE SUN- THE AEGIS)


8/27/19: Canadian CBD firm lands controversial former US attorney general as counsel (MJ BIZ DAILY)


8/25/19: Suspected marijuana, drug sale proceeds seized; 2 charged (MY EASTERN SHORE MD)


8/24/19: 7 Facing Charges in Violent Crimes Investigation in Wicomico County (WBOC)


8/23/19: Dixie Elixirs CEO Talks Partnership With AriZona Iced Tea and More (WESTWORD)


8/23/19: Frederick County Grand Jury Returns 11 Indictments (WFMD)


8/22/19: James Repace: Maryland shouldn’t ignore the dangers of marijuana smoke (CAPITAL GAZETTE)


8/21/19: Md. Lawmakers Mull Marijuana Legalization (WASHINGTON INFORMER)


8/20/19: Maryland lawmakers have a lot to learn on legalizing marijuana. Here are 5 things the experts taught them. (BALTIMORE SUN)


8/19/19: How much in taxes could Maryland make off legal weed? It’s hard to say. (BALTIMORE SUN)


8/19/19: Cultivators, MJ executives say Eastern US marijuana prices remain strong as industry grows steadily (MJ BIZ DAILY)


8/19/19: CBD drinks are a no-no. Annapolis shops sell them anyway (CAPITAL GAZETTE)


8/18/19: Baltimore Police Seize 11 Firearms, Narcotics, Arrest Eight People In Last 48 Hours (CBS BALTIMORE)


8/16/19: Maryland Court Rules Marijuana Odor Not Enough To Search A Person (NPR)


8/15/19: Marijuana funk no longer probable cause to search people; Maryland appeals court cites Bob Dylan in ruling (BALTIMORE SUN)


8/14/19: After decriminalization, pot smell and joint didn’t justify search, court says; hemp laws also raise issues (AMERICAN BAR ASSOC JOURNAL)


8/10/19: Trooper who smashed window during recorded traffic stop was in compliance, cops say (FOX 5 DC)


8/7/19: 'Something fun for the ... patients’: Bingo event aimed at medical cannabis users in Carroll County (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES)


8/5/19: Oregon Marijuana Surplus a Cautionary Tale for Other States (MARYLAND MATTERS)


8/4/19: Taneytown’s medical cannabis growing facility is expanding production, jobs (CARROLL COUNTY TIMES)


8/1/19: Major universities are starting to offer cannabis degree programs (QUARTZ)


8/2/19: Coming next to Montgomery County: A marijuana monopoly? (WASHINGTON POST)






SYNOPSIS: Initiative 71, baby, where ya been? Read my reviews of various cannabis-infused District brands! FYI, fake vape carts are rampant- read my guide here! Want to get a medical card instead? Boom! I can help you decide which dispensary to visit. Who loves ya like GT does?


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9/20/19: Here Are The Issues We’re Watching At The D.C. Council (DCist)


9/20/19: It’s time for D.C. to fully legalize marijuana (THE WASHINGTON POST)


9/20/19: In historic move, US House to vote on cannabis banking bill next week (MJ BIZ DAILY)


9/19/19: FDA Launches Criminal Investigation Into Vaping Crisis (ROLLING STONE)


9/19/19: Senate Committee Blocks DC Marijuana Legalization While Advancing Hemp Regulations (MARIJUANA MOMENT)


9/19/19: D.C. approves law to allow licensed students to consume medical marijuana at school (THE WASHINGTON POST)


9/18/19: The Health 202: Vaping illnesses sparked the e-cig crackdown. But marijuana is likely to blame. (THE WASHINGTON POST)


9/18/19: Marijuana banking bill might have easier time passing Senate with these new hemp rules (McCLATCHY)


9/16/19: Texas NORML Team Advocates in DC (NORML)


9/16/19: Makers of spiked CBD vapes exploit gaps in enforcement (WTOP)


9/13/19: Is There Any Safe Way to Vape Weed in DC? (WASHINGTONIAN)


9/13/19: D.C. has a K2 crisis. The city’s response has been weak for years. (WASHINGTON POST)


9/13/19: Bowser signs Mayor's Order clarifying marijuana policies for District employees (ABC 7)


9/13/19: D.C. Man Who Identified As A Neo-Nazi Will Be Released From Custody, Plans To Return To Bloomingdale (DCist)


9/12/19: Press Release: Mayor Bowser Implements Another Patient-Centric Reform in the Medical Marijuana Program (DC LINE)


9/13/19: Marijuana industry donations to DC lawmakers already top 2018 (MJ BIZ DAILY)


9/10/19: DC Permits Medical Marijuana in Public Schools (NBC 4)


9/6/19: Contaminant found in marijuana vaping products linked to deadly lung illnesses, tests show (WASHINGTON POST)


9/6/19: Current status of FDA-approved cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds (CONTEMPORARY PEDIATRICS)


9/5/19: Washington, D.C. Enacts New Employment Protections For Medical Marijuana Patients (MARIJUANA MOMENT)


9/5/19: Curaleaf, Surterra among big spenders on federal marijuana lobbying (MJ BIZ DAILY)


9/5/19: The Fashion Designer Inspired By Women In Cannabis (FORBES)


9/4/19: Quantico corpsman pleads not guilty in stabbing death of DC man (MARINE CORPS TIMES)


9/2/19: LSU AgCenter partners with GB Sciences to produce medical marijuana (LSU REVEILLE)


9/2/19: Draft Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Arkansas PAC not tied to ex-Trump aide (ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT GAZETTE)


8/30/19: President Trump Reiterates His Administration Will Let States Legalize Marijuana (MARIJUANA MOMENT)


8/30/19: ‘This ain’t your mother’s marijuana,’ surgeon general says (FOX 4 DC)


8/26/19: DC Health Accuses District Cannabis Titans of Straw Ownership Scheme (WASHINGTON CITY PAPER)


8/26/19: District Hemp Comes to Dupont Circle (GT)


8/26/19: DOJ moves to add more marijuana growers for research (WCYB)


8/19/19: Bernie Sanders Tweets on Marijuana Legalization (MARKET REALIST)


8/15/19: ‘K2’ overdose cases in DC are up 128% over last year (WTOP)


8/15/19: D.C. Is Ready to Make Legal Marijuana a Boon for Big Business. But What About for Racial Justice? (WASHINGTON CITY PAPER)


8/15/19: Second Marijuana Dispensary Opens East Of The Anacostia River In D.C. (WAMU)


8/13/19: DC Council Staffer Accused of Firing Gun at Marijuana Pop-Up (US NEWS & WORLD REPORT)


8/12/19: DC Council Member's Staffer Charged With Firing Gun at Marijuana Pop-Up (NBC WASHINGTON)


8/12/19: DC Council staffer fired, held in jail after firing gun outside marijuana pop-up store (WJLA)


8/11/19: Navy Says Use of Hemp, CBD Still Prohibited (FEDSMITH)


8/9/19: D.C. Opens Medical Marijuana Dispensaries To Patients From Most States Where It’s Legal (WAMU)


8/7/19: Marijuana is legal, but returning citizens from the criminal justice system are still facing consequences for using it (STREET SENSE MEDIA)






You can register to be a patient in Virginia now, hooray! Five companies have been licensed to grow and dispense CBD and THCa cannabis oils, each of which has its own jurisdiction, just like Jan Michael Vincents. Dispensaries are tentatively gonna open late 2019.


Check out Virginia NORML's FAQ for more info on signing up for the TLDR version. FYI, there's a CBD store with locations in Manassas and Leesburg called District Hemp that's open now you should totally check out.


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9/20/19: 16 cases of vaping-related illnesses confirmed in Virginia (WHSV)


9/20/19: State officials discuss legalizing marijuana (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)


9/20/19: Hampton Roads lawmaker says he’ll again file a bill to legalize marijuana in Virginia (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)


9/20/19: Asian-Run Northern Virginia Gang Ran Major Drug Operation, Prosecutors Say (NBC WASHINGTON)


9/19/19: Virginia AG: ‘Great progress’ for marijuana decriminalization to be made in 2020 (WTKR)


9/17/19: Cannabis Confusion: The Proliferation Of Cbd Products Can Be Misleading. (LEXOLOGY)


9/16/19: Va. News: Zero Candidates and Medical Marijuana for Kids (WVTF)


9/16/19: NORML Members Take DC by Storm (NORML)


9/10/19: Implementation of new law allowing school nurses to give students medical cannabis could be months off (STAUNTON NEWS LEADER)


9/9/19: New CBD company has plans for processing facility in Portsmouth (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)


9/6/19: The mysterious rash of vaping lung illnesses is hitting young marijuana users especially hard, and experts still don't know why (INSIDER)


9/6/19: Four men charged in July homicide in Northern Virginia (WASHINGTON POST)


8/31/19: The Mysterious Vaping Illness That’s ‘Becoming an Epidemic’ (NY TIMES)


8/30/19: Vaping: In one week, lung cases double in Virginia (STAUNTON NEWS LEADER)


8/30/19: Beto O’Rourke holds presidential campaign town hall at Virginia Tech (COLLEGIATE TIMES)


8/29/19: As candidates pledge marijuana decriminalization, Alexandria will offer pot diversion program (WASHINGTON POST)


8/28/19: Law Enforcement to Upgrade Test Kit for Hemp and Marijuana (NBC 29)


8/27/19: Cronos investor Altria in merger talks with fellow tobacco giant Philip Morris (MJ BIZ DAILY)


8/26/19: Virginia man caught with $25K worth of marijuana products in Missouri, police say (KMOV)


8/26/19: Virginia, Marijuana, and How Medical Legalization May Unfold in the South (NORML)


8/26/19: Lung-illnesses related to vaping now reported in Virginia, nearly 200 cases nationwide (WSET)


8/25/19: Video: Virginia Cannabis Dispensing Facts (BLUE VIRGINIA)


8/23/19: Medical marijuana dispensary coming to Queen City (WHSV)


8/21/19: Medical cannabis dispensary coming to Staunton hosts Q&A session (STAUNTON NEWS LEADER)


8/21/19: Leader of large-scale marijuana conspiracy from Virginia Beach sentenced to prison (ABC 13)


8/19/19: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are Headed To Virginia (WPGC)


8/19/19: CDC: 100 cases of lung illnesses appear to be linked to vaping (WSET)


8/19/19: Medical Marijuana Is Coming to Northern Virginia Next Year (WASHINGTONIAN)


8/19/19: Candidate Mark Lewis hopes to legalize marijuana and cut taxes (WTVR)


8/16/19: Virginia farmers warn thieves hemp ‘is not going to do what you think’ (WTVR)


8/16/19: Virginia man arrested for DUI after high-speed chase along I-81 (CBS 19)


8/13/19: Ads Pitching CBD as a Cure-All Are Everywhere. Oversight Hasn’t Kept Up. (NEW YORK TIMES)


8/7/19: Page County deputies team up with aerial task force to find marijuana plants (WHSV)


8/5/19: CBD is everywhere — but is it legal? Here's what you need to know. (THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)