London Poundcake (Exotic Blooms)

Couture de corona is my favorite things about the apocalypse so far. Naturally, the Gentleman has chosen to wear a bandana in the classic desperado style. My fave combo is my American flag face-rag and Dad-style camouflage baseball cap and shades. The whole ensemble makes me look like a dangerous lunatic one missing Hungry Man dinner away from marshaling a militia. I think the neon green dish gloves only enhance the intimidation factor, don't you? I also have a very stylish night sky bandana to go with my purple mandala-faced winged-lion hat, but that's reserved for formal occasions. Why, like introducing you to Exotic Blooms, of course!

exotic blooms dc logo banner

I love Exotic Blooms' site. It's got a sleek, luxurious aesthetic and a comprehensive, easy to navigate menu full of gorgeous photos. When you've found what you're looking for, simply call/text Exotic Blooms at +1 (202) 317-9158 to place your Sticker order and choose your gifts. Happy Hour is between 3-6pm every Monday thru Thursday. Remember to send them a selfie and photo of your ID! That's standard practice in DC these days, amigo. The delivery fee is $20, but if you mention you saw them here on Gentleman Toker, you'll get $10 off your first Sticker purchase!

london poundcake marijuana flower on exotic blooms sticker photo

We're looking at their London Poundcake flowers today. The eighth I picked up was packed with three plump, light green nuggets jutted with orange and amber hairs. This sample is perfectly manicured with no extraneous stems or sugar leaf present. Small trichomes cluster across its breadth like a little shag carpet. The buds exhibit ample density, but are a tad on the dry side. Overall bag appeal is excellent.

exotic blooms dc london poundcake marijuana macro photo

I smell a light, sugary vanilla when I give London Poundcake the ol' squeeze 'n' sniff. Despite its absence from the flavor, the smoke is smooth, by which I mean it lacks "bite," an acrid sensation in the mouth or lungs when smoked. The smoke is somewhat heavy, though, which refers to whether it makes me cough. In this case, that's true when I take a big hit. Overall, an excellent smoke I've reached for again and again.

exotic blooms dc london poundcake bowl buds photo

Exotic Blooms' London Poundcake is quite appetite-inducing. Somewhere between thirty minutes to an hour, the Gentleman is reliably driven to slake his sudden hunger once again on the defenseless pantry. My prey has grown fat from frequent grocery trips and the herd of sugar-incrusted carbs must be thinned...thin...Wheat Thins...doused in...yes, yes, of course...maple syrup. I shall return!

Physically, you can guess, London Poundcake leans indica. It puts me in a calm, cheery mood, and- in moderation, along with some caffeine- I find it to be a boon to creativity, even somewhat cerebral. It's certainly helped me concentrate on writing this week. It's a wonderful complement for listening to music, if you still got stuff to do- behold the earworm d'jour! But if you're done chorin', the LPC is also very laughy, so it'd go great with binging some Letterkenny. Yew! I'm rather a fan of Exotic Blooms' London Poundcake, if you can't tell. Highly recommend y'all check em out!