I have been looking to get my hands on one of these 150mg Chocolate Chip Cookies for ever and after searching near and far for the elusive three-eyed, derby-sporting cow to no avail, I was a giddy, misty-eyed Japanese school girl when Gentleman Toker handed over this tasty treasure for my first assignment. 



So let's get down to it! Korova Edibles are some of the strongest, most consistent items available on the market with THC/CBD quantities ranging from 150 mg THC/1.8mg CBD to an outstanding 1000mg THC/12 mg CBD. They take it even further to break proportions down into doses to assure that patients receive the benefits they require without the worry of under-dosing or overdosing.



Korova Edibles are regulated on a 50mg "Dose" system. For example, 150mg of THC is 3 Doses whereas the 1000mg variant equals 20 Doses. Given my super high tolerance, I ignored these advisements entirely and ate the whole 150mg cookie. Oh, you didn't know I was a BAMF, didja? It was absolutely delicious, soft and moist like a cookie from some boutique mall shop. The weedy accents were present but not overpowering. It was subtle enough to be a nice compliment to the overall recipe.



I retreated into my lady cave and kicked on my PC, in the mood for some Legend of Zelda as I waited for the Korova to take effect. After about an hour, my entire body relaxed and the back pain I had been suffering was greatly diminished and nearly disappeared. By hour two, couch lock had taken over but I remained in a complete state of focus. I was in the zone and no Stone Talus or Hinox could stand in my way!   All told, the high from the Korova Chocolate Chip 150mg Cookie lasted around six hours. The "unrivaled potency" touted on the package is real! I would definitely recommend these delectable edibles even to seasoned consumers with a high tolerance for ingested cannabis medicine.