Jungle Boys Mimosa Live Resin

After a brief rest, the Gentleman was ready to resume his journey to the Los Angeles, where the fabled Jungle Boys cannabis grows. It was tempting to stay and play in Sin City for a while longer but I'd already driven nearly three thousand miles across America and now that momentum propelled me past Vegas, out across the Mojave. You might have heard of Jungle Boys before, as they boast an enormous social media presence. Pretty much the entire industry is following the beautiful pics & videos from their latest harvests and extracts. The Gentleman has been dying to check it out for himself, straight from the source, of course. Chain of custody is paramount for the review process, so jot that down. Conveniently, they have a dispensary in Los Angeles they work with called TLC Collective and when I popped in, all the employees were rocking Jungle Boys branded gear, a very positive sign I was in the right place. jungle boys mimosa flower Considering their reputation as a hip California brand, I was a little concerned that I might be walking into a dispensary of aloof employees judging me for not wearing the right pendy or snapback or Banksy pin or whatever, but I didn't get that vibe at all. Everybody at TLC Collective, from security to check-in to the budtender, were friendly and chill peeps. The prices, at least before tax, were pretty reasonable. I walked out with two half-grams of live resin for $30 and an eighth of Jungle Cake flowers that the girl at check-in recommended for $40 ($89.02 total cost out-the-door). Jungle Cake is a cross between Wedding Cake and White Fire # 43. I didn't often have access to a smoking room in Cali and didn't want to smoke out on the street or in my car with the out of state plates that I had to drive around, so I mainly dabbed the Mimosa and Grape Topanga Live Resin and only ended up smoking a few small bowls of the Jungle Cake before sadly having to toss it out at the border. Not enough to write a real review itself, but I was overall impressed with the physical characteristics- it really was just as pretty as all the pictures on Instagram, fat buds with a thick, woolly coat of trichomes- but the aroma, while pleasantly diesel-ish, lacked the vigor I was hoping to find. jungle cake packaging The Mimosa Live Resin is what really blew me away. From the moment I unwrapped the package, a delightful citrus bouquet wafted up, and your Gentleman was besmitten. I think there's a little cream in those terps, which cuts the heavy dose of orange-flavored limonene back just a tad and adds another dimension to the flavor. I actually lost the PCH for a while past Malibu, which wasn't as fancy as they show on TV, it's just a beach town subject to the same erosion every other beach town is, plus some houses up in the mountains that looked kinda fancy but overall, too uniform for my taste. jungle boys mimosa live resin Jungle Boys' Mimosa[/caption] The point, though, pardon the bouncing around, is that I ended up traveling through orange groves outside Oxnard where the smell of citrus permeated the air to the point you could taste them on the back of your tongue, and my Jungle Boys Mimosa Live Resin was just like that. Simply incredible flavor, aside from being gorgeous and easy to work with. Even better, the Mimosa buzz leans heavily sativa and didn't make me sleepy at all. It kept me up, going, active, alert, possibly other adjectives and/or directionals. It was by far the favorite thing I found on my entire trip and immediately became my daytime and work medicine of choice. The Grape Topanga, which I was interested to learn is the name of a mountain in California and not invented solely for the weird girl in Boy Meets World, wasn't as amazing as the Mimosa, a bit harsh to dab, but it did smell and taste a bit like grape. It was a suitable substitute for the Mimosa when the hour grew a bit later and I was ready to relax. jungle boys mimosa close up Grape Topanga. TLC Collective was a fantastic shop, but Jungle Boys' Mimosa Live Resin was next level and they've got even fancier rosins and hash than that! Definitely worth checking out both next time you visit Los Angeles.