Guice Flowers by Curio Wellness

The Gentleman got the opportunity to try out some of Maryland’s first crop of medical marijuana this weekend and came away very impressed with Guice from Curio Wellness (obtained from RISE Bethesda), so I thought I’d share some thoughts.

Like, wow. Decked out in trichomes, nicely cured, and flushed really well, the Guice was a really clean smoke with a peppery finish. The buds are a little loose, but I bet that will get tightened up in future grows. RISE Bethesda is one of the dispensaries offering reasonable pricing for this first crop, $55/eighth or $110/quarter.

The Guice is a cross between GG (Gorilla Glue) #4 and Orange Valley OG and this batch tests at 20.6% THC.  It’s most prominent terpenes are Myrcene at 19.3mg, Caryohphyllene at 20.7mg, and Terpinolene at a whopping 48mg. Which brings me to the next point- the labeling from RISE goes into exquisite detail with a complete terpene profile.

I know it’s also got 3.9mg of alpha-pinene, 5.6mg of beta-pinene, 6mg of Limonene, 8.1mg of Humulene. WOW. This is what I’m talking about! No random sniff-guesses from yours truly, no sir, that’s exactly what’s reported to be inside Curio Wellness’ Guice (it’s well known within the industry that test results can change depending on the facility and how they test it).

The buzz was light and prone to giggle fits, like a Haze, but had your Gentleman a bit on edge as strong sativas tend to do. Everyone else is laughing at the proposal to build the worst Tiny Library possible to get approved, but they kept coming up with ideas that didn’t fit the premise cuz they’d never be approved, and I couldn’t get in on the fun. Always a critic!

Well, that’s OK- let’s see what else was on the menu this weekend. Oooh! Ace of Spades sounds my speed.

For a first crop, this is fantastic, and the quality is only going to improve from this point, friends.I can’t wait to get my hands on some more flowers from Curio Wellness. If you want some, and you’re a Maryland resident, you can set your doctor’s appointment right here on my site with Veriheal!

Or you can get a DC card if you live in the city. Virginia, you’ll have to stick to the many, many Initiative 71 brands when you visit. Don’t worry, you’ll get there! Virginia loves money and thinks its so much better than Maryland anyway. But you don’t have state-legal weed for sale, do you? Do you? Now who’s better? Ok, I’ll stop.

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