gLeaf G Spot Vape Cartridge

Today we're gonna review a gLeaf Vape Cartridge from Maryland's medical marijuana program. The strain is called G Spot. No wonder I keep losing it! Hahahaha ok ok I'm good. I had forgot to check what it was called until I sat down to write, I've just been smoking it. It wasn't my intent to be salacious.

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PLEASE BE ADVISED: Recent news reports suggest there is a risk of severe lung damage associated with vaping. State health authorities are investigating. VAPE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Who is gLeaf?

gLeaf, short for GreenLeaf, is a medical marijuana grower in Frederick, Maryland. Their dispensary, gLeaf Wellness Solutions, is also located there. gLeaf has a processing license, too, so they can make their own concentrates in-house. Their site lists another 25+ dispensaries that carry their brand but that's probably outdated with nearly 100 dispensaries open.

gLeaf's CEO is Philip Goldberg, a native of Montgomery County. The company got its start in Maryland but have since been awarded licenses in Virginia, Ohio, & Pennsylvania. They'll be running Area 4 in VA, which covers Richmond and the surrounding counties.

They got some press a while back about partnering with Flying Dog Brewery to make a cannabis-infused brewski called Hop Chronic IPA. I've just learned that the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission has put a hard stop on those plans, however. The artwork submitted for the bottle's label was deemed too appealing to minors. Instead of letting gLeaf submit a new design, word is MMCC has revoked their approval entirely.

That's harsh, man. I was looking forward to weed beer this summer.

gLeaf Vape Cartridge Hardware

The hardware is standard- black plastic tip, clear window. No brand mark, which we'd like to see since there's a bunch of fake cartridges running around the area.

gLeaf MD MMJ vape cartridge photo

I haven't experienced any issues with leakage over the past week. I dropped it on a wood floor once from a short height and I don't see any damage.

The gLeaf cartridge pulls very well. A few seconds will provide a full hit. You'd have to put in some serious effort to pull too much and cough.

gLeaf G Spot Vape Cart Flavor

gLeaf's cartridges are distillate-based. I usually find CO2 to deliver a smoother hit and more flavorful terpene profile. Distillate like this might require a reassessment. Super-duper smooth. It doesn't bother my throat and it doesn't taste like glycol or...well, anything, really.

GreenLeaf MD MMJ G Spot distillate lab results THC
Very low terps as expected

That's fine. I'll take neutral & smooth over artificial candy flavors covering harsh, low-quality distillate any day. No complaints here.

gLeaf G Spot Vape Potency & Effects

You can achieve higher THC content with distillate than any other extraction method. This G Spot vape says it's 87.98% THC. That seems accurate based on my experience with it. Unlike some other vapes we reviewed recently that were labeled with nearly the same potency.

gLeaf's G Spot Distillate Cartridge is stronger than a potion-pumpimg Paladin. A lot of vapes on the market are rather average. They'll stave off the dragon, but lack the raw power to achieve a critical hit. This G Spot cartridge slays. Class S Hero all the way.

GreenLeaf MD MMJ vape cartridge package outside photo

Ten pulls of the G Spot cart had me strongly medicated for hours. Dab-level potency right here. My mood soared like a mighty pterodactyl over the Pangean plains. I felt totally relaxed. My anxiety was washed away, yet my ability to think clearly was not, nor did I suffer fatigue. No munchies either!

I felt way too good to get any work done, though, so I melted into the couch and binged One Punch Man instead. A day off is good! No TV and No Beer make GT something something.

Half that dose yielded similar results, but not as overwhelming & didn't last as long, about 2.5-3 hours. A creeper, the gLeaf G Spot took about 10-15 minutes to really get going at the lower dose. It was still quite satisfying.

Gentleman Approved

No question about it! gLeaf's G Spot vape gets top marks for a smooth hit, dab-level potency, and an effect profile I adore. They're also cheaper than many of their competitors! I found gLeaf vapes at Maggie's in Camden for $50 per half-gram cart. It's the same price at gLeaf's own dispensary. I'd like to see branding added to the hardware, but that's a very minor complaint.

Some of their vapes do have a stronger flavor, but I don't mind the neutral flavor at all. I tried a gLeaf that tasted like Fruit Stripe gum a while back. It was a perfect balance of flavor, not overwhelming on the palate but clearly, deliciously present.

gLeaf might just be the best vape available in Maryland right now. We've got a few more to try before we go handing out crowns, but they're a strong contender thus far. Love to see a local marijuana brand thriving!