District of Cannabis- Weekly Roundup 7/9/16

The MediHaze Honey Oil from Holistic Remedies 

The MediHaze Honey Oil from Holistic Remedies is mentioned in the article!

It's official!  All DC medical marijuana patients will automatically have their purchase limits raised from 2 ounces every 30 days to 4 ounces, and this is going to take effect in about 30 days, I'll try to get an exact date for us ASAP!  I hope this move will spur on more cultivators to offer trim and at lower prices...the final D.C. Breeder's Association Happy Hour was last night, but there were good vibes nonetheless and I enjoyed it, really glad to see an event that provides drinks for folks, it's hot out there!... I'm hearing the next DC NORML meeting coming up this Wednesday evening is one you will not want to miss (I'll be there!)...Hey, if you're just sitting around today anyway, it's not late to sign up for a grow class at National Holistic Healing Center (Caring for Seedlings & Clones, Super Soil 101, Harvest & Cure, and Yoga at Sunset still on the docket for today)...and it's 7/10 tomorrow, the holiday for cannabis concentrate enthusiasts like yours truly!  I was running low on flower this week so I've been celebrating the upcoming Oil Day early, and also because my CBD article was published on DOPE magazine's site this week, which you can read right  here: https://www.dopemagazine.com/medical-monday-is-cbd-right-for-me/