DC's Hottest Weed Gifts- 10/22/20

GT is back with your guide to this week's best weed gifts currently available from our favorite I71 delivery services! Third title is the charm, I gotta feelin' about this one. Gonna stick like shifts, bro. Alright, enough rigamarole!

Wait, one more rigamarole: I can't ensure any products are safe. What the Gentleman does is judge quality. I think that means the same thing but can't guarantee that it does. Ya dig? Then shovel up, baby! Here's my recommendations for this week:


All flowers are tested in RAW Classic Cones. Here's my faves from this week:

Purple Candy

Purple Candy Heady Club DC

Purple Candy from Heady Club DC reminds me of classic Mendo Purps- a mood enhancer that'll lift your spirits without making you sleepy. Great for daytime or socializing (but keep your distance! Zoom that business, man). These gorgeous buds (locally grown, mind you) produce a very smooth smoke.

Lemon OG

Lemon OG Entourage DC

Lemon OG from Entourage DC has a pleasant, light skunky nose with a fantastically smooth smoke that keep the gears in my brain turnin' on time. Excellent daytime sativa. Say, have I ever told you of the Gear Wars?

Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey Exotic Blooms

The most impressive trait of Grease Monkey from Exotic Blooms is its high level of resin production, but that dense, diesel aroma and smooth smoke is right behind. Leans heavily towards the indica end of the spectrum, so save this snack for bedtime.

Larry Payton

Peace in the Air's Larry Payton

Peace in the Air's Larry Payton is a smooth smoke with a distinctly herbaceous nose that's semi-sweet and punchy, like cardamom. Leans indica, but won't make you sleepy. Best for creative work during the day or letting your thoughts drift in the evening.


District Connect's Slurricane

District Connect's Slurricane is a heavy smoke for sure, but has a pleasant taste and the ground flowers smell like sour watermelon candy. Wow! Not as heavy an indica as the Grease Monkey, but I'd save it for when the choring is done, shirt-tucker.

More Flowers


This week we're adding one approved edible to the list!

Noob Gummies

noob gummies cannabis

Exotic Organics warned me that these gummies were potent enough to knock even high-tolerance users on their backsides. I figured I'd just take one gummy (50mg) right before bed to help me sleep. It did, but my brain was still made of cotton candy for several hours after I woke up. Definitely approved for potency, make sure your schedule is clear before you indulge. Maybe just eat half a gummy. Maybe a third. I don't know, we don't know each other like that. Do you like skateboards? ME TOO! Did we just become best friends?

More Edibles


All oils are tested on a Puffco Peak at the lowest temp setting. I've got two more hot suggestions for you this week:

Tahoe Live Resin Sauce

Tahoe Live Resin Sauce

Baked DC's Tahoe Live Resin Sauce has a bright, citrus nose, lingering flavor, and while its potency is certainly ample, it's functional enough for daytime use.

Orange Apricot Live Resin Diamonds

Orange Apricot Live Resin Diamonds

Exotic Blooms' Orange Apricot live resin diamonds are a smooth, potent dab with solid flavor. Instant relaxation but the couch-lock is strong with this one.

More Concentrates

Vape Cartridges

No new vape carts on the list this week, but here's the goodies I know you'll like: