Cherry Blossom Confections from DC TeaPad

Cherry Blossom Confections, from DC TeaPad, is one of the premier edibles line to grace the DC community with mouthwatering goodies. If you frequent cannabis-friendly app LeafedIn, one of the easiest ways to find cannabis gifts around the city, then you already know that DC TeaPad stands out from the myriad of i71 services available within the District. Everybody else, get hip!

Actually, can we just take a second to reflect and appreciate the growth that the community has gone through just in the past year? It’s truly a beautiful thing. Anything you could possibly want and need is here in some capacity, whether you're looking for fantastic flowers, craft concentrate, or exquisite edibles. The events are top notch and becoming an easy favorite of mine to network and meet all the wonderful, like-minded members of our community. I am so proud and excited to witness this magic firsthand! Ok, I’m going to stop here; I'm getting verklempt! Talk amongst yourselves!

With so many options, it’s wonderful when you find a quality company such as DC Teapad that offers a variety of tasty products to titillate your fine palette that will also positively knock you on your ass! I was lucky enough to sample their infused chewy fruit candies, caramels, and rice krispies. All of the treats were absolutely scrumptious. The candies were sweet and soft but not overly chewy where the taffy sticks to your teeth. Treat these treats with caution! You know those candies that you can't help but indulge...don’t say DopeNerd didn’t warn you!

The caramel was a harder variety that enjoyably melted away in my mouth. For this review, I consumed 1 caramel (75mg), 3 fruit chews because damn, they're good! (approx 10mg each, so 30mg), and 1 rice krispy treat (100mg). That rings up to 205mg and was the perfect amount to keep me focused and energetic throughout the day as I bounced around the city shopping and running errands, but if you aren't as experienced with edibles, you should start with a much, much smaller dose than moi!


Cherry Blossom Confections' Baked Goods


I'm very satisfied with Cherry Blossom Confections. They are extremely tasty and pack an unmistakable punch. DC TeaPad also has some terrific concentrate options (including vape cartridges) on their gift list. Head on over to their new website, check out their very cherry menu, and set up a consultation. Ooh, right, and add code TOKER to your message to score a free pack of their 25mg hard candies with your first order!


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