Chem de la Chem cannabis strain flower 

I've found some strains from Grassroots recently with fantastic scent profiles and great potency. After much agonized soul-searching, I decided on Chem de la Chem for today's photo. FYI, Herbology in Gaithersburg is vertically integrated with Grassroots so they're a good bet for finding that freshie fresh.

By the Numbers!

$60 an 1/8th today at Herbology THCa- 21.89% THC- 1.54% CBDa- 0.10% CBGa- 0.41% CBG- 0.12% Limonene- 0.80% alpha-Pinene- 0.10% beta-Pinene- 0.16% Myrcene- 0.25% Humulene- 0.21% Linalool- 0.11% Giveaway from Green Label Grinders coming up next week exclusively for GT newsletter subscribers! Signup now, eh, buddy?