Cannabis Sees No Color FREE TREAT FRIDAY! (Dank Boy'z)

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Have you signed up for Free Treat Friday yet?  I'm really excited about this event.  Dank Boy'z organic cannabis growing consultants are sponsoring a huge, entirely free giveaway across the District this Friday, July 29.  They will be giving out clones, seeds, edibles, goodie bags, and more in every quadrant.  You need to sign up, which you can do on Eventbrite (here's the link), details will be emailed out tomorrow! Dank Boy'z is using the power of free cannabis to help one of their favorite charities,, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that raises money and awareness for Autism by organizing bike rides from urban areas to local beaches.  This year's bike rides from DC and Baltimore both begin this Friday, as well, but they put on rides in several other areas.  I was curious, so I double-checked and their listing on Charity Navigator says they are too small to be rated officially, but the paperwork is legit (here you go). Cool. If you've got it to spare, they will be accepting donations for Bike to the Beach at each location but remember that the gifts are 100% FREE and no donation is expected or required. You can donate directly online if you prefer. This is what it's all about, folks.  If we're going to remove the stigma against us, that we're lazy, selfish, even childish- then folks who prefer to medicate or recreate with cannabis need to show the world that we care about more than smoking weed.  I find it hard to do this myself.  Too many Americans, and far too often people of color, have been locked away by an industrial prison system on the basis that cannabis is "bad."  The Drug War has directly led to the hostility that currently exists between law enforcement and everyday citizens.  I believe our cause is as valid and urgent as any- and one of the easiest to solve.