Cannabis Science Conference East 2019

This year the Cannabis Science Conference East is being held in Baltimore on April 9th and 10th! I'll be attending, too! And I thought to my self, 'Self, you know who'd like to hear about the Science thingy? The people and AIs that read your website, that's who.'

By Jove, he's right! You do want to hear about the Science thingy!


April 9th & 10th at the Baltimore Convention Center (7:30am-5:30pm)

Exhibitor Hall Only is $79/day

Speakers + Exhibitor Hall is $299 for both days

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Celebrity Keynote Speakers

Rikki Lake and Abby Epstein, the Executive Producer and Director of the movie Weed the People, respectively. Yes, that Rikki Lake! They also have Montel Williams, founder of Lenitiv Scientific. Yes, that Montel Williams! Isn't 2019 exciting?

Program Highlights

You can find the full Agenda on this page. Here's a a few of the talks your Gentleman is simply agog to hear:

Cannabis Nutrition & Fertilization: It’s Time to Science the Sh*t Out of It: Dr. Chris Pagliarulo of Emergent Cannabis Sciences. YEAAAA! ARE YOU READY TO ROCK, CANNABIS SCIENCE CONFERENCE EAST 19??? guitar riffing intensifies!!!

The Cannabis Strain Conundrum: No One Knows Exactly What They are Cultivating or Selling: David Hodes, Managing Editor of Cannabis Science and Technology.

I told you! I told you so! But did you listen? The world doesn't fit into pretty little elemental-table boxes, much as we might like it to.

Therapeutic Cannabinoids in Anxiety and Depression: Results from an Observational Research Study: Ms. Erin Martin from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. I already know it works! I just want to hear Science say it. SAY IT! SAY IT TO MY FACE!

cannabis quality management


Modern Quality Management Systems for the Cannabis Industry: Wayne Nasby, Founder & CEO of Global Compliance Specialty Group.

The Gentleman knows a thing or two about quality marijuana. Let's hear what people who are not me say and then celebrate when they agree with me. Deal!

Cannabis Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: Steven Cital, a multicredentialed veterinary anesthesiologist. Because you wuvv your widdle munchkins soooo much! You want to make sure your pets grow up healthy and strong and able to transform into an armored tiger on command, don't you?

Draft Map of the Cannabis Proteome: Dr. Ben Osburn from Think20 Laboratories. Proteomics is complementary to genomics techniques but is more directly linked to cell characteristics, specifically, proteins.

They'll be presenting the first map and the measurement of over 12,000 unique proteins from 10 cannabis plants. Then they suggest what you can do with that information, which is good, cuz I don't have any ideas. Tell me tell me!

An Introduction to Endocannabinology:Dr. Jessica Knox of The American Cannabinoid Clinics will bring us up to speed on the human endocannabinoid system.

Oh thank God, something with an intro. Finally. Hey, you wanna play POGs after class?

Understanding Micropropagation: Dr. Hope Jones, Emergent Cannabis Sciences.

Micropropagation means growing plantlets in tissue culture and then planting them out. Sounds a bit soylent green, yeah? I suppose we must understand it if we are to defeat it. Sign me up!

cannabis quality testing


Testing, Testing

There will be a testing panel led by the Deputy Director and former Commissioner of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and state Marijuana Lab Program Manager from Colorado early on 4/9.

Then Steep Hill Labs has a couple talks lined up along with another half dozen testing companies all arguing that their system is the best. That's what I'm here for, baby!

GC×GC for Improved Data Quality in Profiling Cannabis Terpenes: Dr. Matthew Edwards from SepSolve Analytical.

Gas Chromatography is one of the most common testing methods. GCxGC is different because it uses two of them in right-angled columns. Apparently cannabis lab testing is exactly like men's razors. We added another blade! Marketing says it's revolutionary! Kidding. Tell me everything.

Overcoming the Challenges Associated with Pesticide Analysis of Cannabis Samples with LC/MS to Ensure Patient Safety: Dr. Toby Astill from Perkin Elmer.

LC/MS is liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, the other common testing method. At least one cultivator I really like prefers LC/MS. Which should patients and consumers be clamoring for?

Avoiding Mass Confusion During Cannabis Analysis: Dr. Bob Clifford from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments will be talking smack about the LC/MS we just heard about above in favor of GC.

I don't know about you, but "mass confusion" sounds positively alarming. Like human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, end of the world kinda stuff?

In Situ Fluorescence Spectroscopy for In-Line Distillation Process Monitoring: ArometriX.

A new way to test distillates for quality as they're being produced. Dope, but how does that help if you're already processing the weed? I'll find out!

Synchronize Watches!

I'll recount the highlights, hopefully answer the questions above, and definitely share some photos with you both nights of the conference. Keep it tuned to GT TV, baby!