BudBox DC

BudBox DC is one of the newest subscription box services for cannabis enthusiasts and brainchild of the head grower for Alternative Solutions, the highest-selling medical marijuana cultivator in Washington, DC. I've reviewed a few of their strains that I really enjoyed, like their Grapefruit Krush, Cheese, and here's a sweaty video where I tried to wear a suit in a sweltering studio and talk about their Green Love Potion. Ugh. Thought I took that down. Anyhoo! Joey Lewis' entry into this competitive market is focused on practical, everyday smoking and dabbing tools at a very reasonable price point. With BudBox DC, you'll never get the same box twice, so instead of box-of-the-month, you're getting them sequentially. Based on this first box your Gentleman received for review, the contents are valued well above the $15/month subscription fee (that includes shipping, bee-tee-dubs). 

BudBox DC subscription box service cannabis 

GET 20% OFF AT BUDBOXDC WITH MY CODE TOKER![/caption] First, I got a snazzy Alternative Solutions tee-shirt. Light blue's my favorite, how did you know? I mean, that's your fifteen bucks right there, but it's also got a carb cap (which could easily cost more than $15 at the head shop) and a custom, heady glass dab tool made by Glass Flo Art out of Frederick, MD. Look how pretty! And functional, too, as the broad disc in the middle functions as a carb cap and the glass tip works well. I was easily able to portion off a bit of shatter without sending any chunks flying and gather a bit of softer wax with no trouble.

 holding a cannabis wax 

Beyond these highlights, BudBox DC does a very good job with the basics. There's two packs of RAW 1-1/4 size rolling papers, two different color BIC lighters (good, cuz if they're the same it's easy to forget which one is currently in circulation), a pair of empty pre-rolled cones in doob tubes, a small spool of hemp to light your bowls, a silicon wax container, an Alternative Solutions-branded glass compact (to hold your concentrate if it's on a folded up sheet of parchment paper or, like, your make-up, I guess?), and a five-pack of all-natural, non-tobacco lettuce leaf blunt wraps. The only thing I feel is missing from this first box is some tips for the joint papers and SuperLeafs, an easily forgivable oversight given how many goodies are packed inside. GT selfie 

If you want to give your favorite stoner a gift that will keep them happy all year long, the Gentleman definitely recommends BudBox DC. Plus you get the smug satisfaction of supporting a small business! Need another reason? You can also get 20% Off if you use my code TOKER! That's Win/Win/Win, the trifecta! Subscribe to my Newsletter and I'll love you forever and ever, like a vampire daddy would.