On-the-Go Weed Tech

In the last decade, cannabis consumption has morphed from its well-chronicled association with couch potatoes to an on-the-go lifestyle (hello, productive stoners!). This welcome shift is exemplified by the rising popularity of vape cartridges and other tech that has made cannabis extracts available for stealthy, relatively smell-free mobile use.

Stealth technologies like vape cartridges and dab pens are following in the footsteps of many other stoner innovations. Gentleman Toker has compiled a list of some of our favorite paraphernalia for on-the-go cannabis enthusiasts, many of which would fit in a backpack (except one, and you’ll see why). Our list is ideal for anyone who wants to sesh while on the go in a low-key way. Read on for tips on how to set up for a quick, stealthy sesh so you can go about your day without missing your smoke. 

The Basic Kit for On-the-Go Consumers

We’ll start with the basic items: a grinder, a lighter, and a pack of your favorite papers. Optional items are tips for your joints, and a small rolling tray. A grinder is also key, so you can get an even blend of flower in whatever you’re smoking. (Scissors will do in a pinch.)

Everyone has strong opinions on which combination of papers and tips are best (OCB Ultimate + OCB Tips are my favorite). It’s all about preferences: firm papers are helpful for beginner rollers, but most papers from a smoke shop or gas station will suffice. The most popular papers from Elements and RAW are specialized for cannabis smoking rather than for tobacco.

One-Hitters, Chillums and Dugouts

In high school, one-hitters were my smoking tool of choice. I had a steel and spring-loaded unit that made it easy to push the ash out, and a glass one that got clogged constantly. If you don’t know how to roll and don’t want to carry a bulky grinder with you, a one-hitter and dugout combo will do you wonders. What is a dugout, you might ask (if you’re a millennial, I guess)? A dugout is a wooden case roughly the size of an iPhone, with two chambers held shut by a lid. One side holds the one-hitter, and the other holds ground bud. 

Glass chillums are a step up from one-hitters, with roughly the same design: a straight tube with a chamber for bud at the bottom that’s a bit bigger than a one-hitter. Chillums can be dirt cheap, but the more complicated the design, the more expensive the products are. You can get them from most smoke shops. Chillums are ideal for people who love glass and a quick smoke sesh. 

Spoon Pipes, Sherlock Pipes, Bubblers and Steam Rollers

Next on our list after straight tube pipes like one-hitters and chillums are bowls. Not to be confused with bowl pieces or slides for bongs and water pipes, spoon pipes, sherlocks and steam rollers are air-only pipes. Spoon pipes, a.k.a. the classic handheld glass pipe, come in a variety of shapes and sizes with a bowl, stem and mouthpiece. Sherlock pipes give a nod to the style of Detective Holmes’ iconic pipe, with a U-bend at the bottom that helps smooth out the smoke and keeps ash from getting to the mouthpiece. Steamrollers are like a hybrid child with a spoon pipe chamber and a carb cap that creates a bong-level experience without using a water-filled piece. The hit from a steamroller is as heavy as the name suggests, perfect for big outdoor group sessions. If you’re looking for the smoothest on-the-go smoke, bubbler pipes are a perfect option. Bubblers are similar to sherlocks, with a tube that goes down to a small water reservoir, where the smoke is cooled. 

Battery-Free Vaping

Vaporizers can be big, bulky, electronic devices. The DynaVap is a battery-free dry herb vape. DynaVap has roughly the size and proportions of a one-hitter with a stainless steel chamber. You put a cap on the filling chamber, heat the cap with a lighter or blow torch until you hear a click, and then inhale freshly vaporized bud with no worries about battery life. DynaVaps are a perfect on-the-go option for the flavor chasers amongst us. 

Low-Profile Smoking

Genius Pipes are a top-notch stealth option on our list. The top piece of the metal Genius Pipe slides out to reveal a chamber. The main tube’s pathways are shaped like a pumice stone, which cools more of the surface area of the smoke. It’s more durable than many spoon pipes and its low-profile design makes it easy to clean.

Safety Measures when Sharing

If you love smoking bongs or joints, keeping a silicone mouth piece in your bag is crucial in these pandemic times. One of the best on the market is Mouth Peace from Moose Labs, which incorporates molded silicone with a fiber filter (like an AC filter) on the inside. After a couple uses, you can see a substantial difference in the amount of resin that gets caught in the filter rather than in your throat or lungs.

Staying Smell-Proof with Bags

Luckily, in most jurisdictions where cannabis is legal, the police are not allowed to search your person, home or vehicle based on the smell of cannabis alone, but for extra peace of mind, having a smell-proof bag is the right move. Our favorite smell-proof bags come from Dime Bag, who make fashionable backpacks and pipe cases insulated with padding for extra protection. These bags are not gaudy or ostentatious, and are perfect for protecting your pieces and carrying your stash on the go.

The Whole Kit

My personal backpack setup: I carry OCB papers and tips, a Santa Cruz Shredder grinder, a Mighty vaporizer, a Sticky Brick, a torch lighter, a regular lighter and nearly a half ounce of bud in a large smell-proof mylar bag. I never feel unprepared for a session, nor am I worried about attracting extra attention in public from the smell. If you’re an on-the-go stoner a permutation of all the products listed here might be good for you. Come prepared with bud to share, or to sesh safely alongside like-minded aficionados.