Black Hat OG (Joint Delivery Co)

The search for the perfect marijuana has taken the Gentleman to the furthest reaches of the globe. The expedition to recover the fabled Black Hat OG has been perilous and not without tragedy. Our yaksman was lost to a crevasse while traversing the Himalayas; the first mate, to a pack of caimans on the banks of the Amazon. I, myself, have spent the last month bedridden in the grip of delirium, on account of licking all the brightly colored frogs. Well if you’re not supposed to lick them, then they shouldn’t look like candy, should they? Stands to reason.

Black Hat OG Weed Strain GT Joint Delivery Collaboration Banner
Available Exclusively at Joint Delivery Co!

We’ve already covered Joint Delivery Co’s attractive, easy to use website in my previous review, so we can skip the usual shenanigans. Your Gentleman was so impressed with the rich resin production of the Gas Tanker flower that collaborating on a strain together was a no-brainer. I came up with the name! Black Hat OG (squeee!) is a cross of Blackberry OG and Peanut Butter Breath.

joint delivery co black hat og weed macro photo

Let’s talk bag appeal. Black Hat OG flowers are a light olive with clusters of amber hairs jutting out from a thick coat of large, well-developed trichomes. The manicure is perfect, the extraneous stems and sugar leaf all neatly snipped away. As to its structure, I’ve been through several samples and found nothing but plump, ample buds sporting beautiful, natural curves. Forget bag appeal, these flowers have sex appeal. I want to buy it Thai food and rub its butt, then get it all…hot. Ahem. Where was I?

gentleman toker black hat og weed package

You’ll find that Black Hat OG flowers to be exceptionally fresh. A playful nose of eucalyptus and lemons leaps out of the bag and straight up your nose-holes. Exhibiting exemplary moisture levels, the stem snaps satisfactorily when you press it with you finger (transferring some of those pretty trichomes in the process), then springs right back into shape. Similarly, it displays ideal density. The buds are tight but remain easy to work with by hand and soft to the touch when ground, though not particularly fine. The smoke is clean and smooth, but thick enough to cause the occasional cough if you get a little too ambitious.

joint delivery co black hat og weed photo 2

As for effects, Black Hat OG leans heavily indica in my trials. I’m good after half a joint, feeling relaxed, open to the journey, man. Ten minutes later, I get very tired. Its not heavy on my head, as I can still think clearly, but the physical exhaustion from staying up til 2am playing Maneater finally catches up to me. Time to lay down on the couch, turn on some Ancient Aliens, maybe shut my eyes for just..a few…minutes. If you make it through that phase without sleeping, you can expect the munchies to arrive in about an hour, demanding Ding Dongs and Mountain Dew Livewire. You can smoke it in the morning with a stiff dose of caffeine, but later than that and it’ll be too heavy to shake off without a nap. More helpful later at night before bed, when this siren’s lullaby is more welcome.

In my estimation, Black Hat OG is a superb specimen of carefully cultivated cannabis. I’m downright proud to slap my name on these bags. This all turned out quite well, I think. Maybe we’ll do it again in the future. Check it out for yourself and you’ll see why GT is strutting around town like a BeeGee. These knees are the bees, baby, and that’s a promise.

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