Big Bud (Green Label DC)

We may just over four hours away from a government shutdown, but the Gentleman is the very definition of essential personnel and thus, remains hard at work looking for new DC weed gifting services like Green Label DC to satiate the desires of my cruel, clairvoyant dolphin-masters. By Neptune, we've hauled in a good one today, mateys!

green label dc logo link


Pick-Ups Only (DC)
Mon/Thurs/Fri/Sat 10am-8pm
Sun 10am-2pm
Closed Tues/Wed
Buying: grinders & vape batteries



The appointment-setting feature on their website is intuitive and straightforward (and sure to earn me an extra oxygen ration to spend on mermaid courtesans), but it's the trichomes on this Big Bud flower that's got my eyes buggin like a cartoon coyote. Since they also list their gift menu, I was able to quickly confirm that they still have some in stock.

Well, now you have a decision to make. Do you read the rest of my review, or do you place an order right now and come back for my tales of hilarity? I tell ya what. Look at this picture I took, then I'll wait here while oh you're already gone. How rude!

Big Bud flowers

Back already? Wunderbar! So as you just learned from their site, Green Label Grinders sells their own custom grinders, and you just gotta choose how many you want along with the flower or vape cartridge gift (listed on the menu). If you want more than one kind, that's what the Grinder #2 & #3 dropdowns are for!

Big Bud is a pretty famous indica. You might have first heard of it in that silly marijuana farming game I can't believe folks would actually spend their precious time on the planet playing. Sweet baby Jeebus, a nation of digital farmers banging sex robots. Why don't we just give China all our money already? It's ok, GT. You can't save the world all by yourself cuz most people are dumber than two bricks fucking. Have another bowl of Big Bud and calm down.


Mmmkay. What Big Bud is known for is its namesake heavy yields, which have made it a partner in many breeding projects over the years. Perhaps you've heard of Grandaddy Purp by Ken Estes? Or the Incredible Bulk (Big Bud x Super Skunk x Green Spirit) I just reviewed that Real Deal Farmz grew?

What I didn't know was how trich'd out it would be. Aye caramba, Bartman! And it ain't just window dressing- Green Label DC's Big Bud has a delicious, woodsy scent profile behind those diamonds and is a delightfully smooth smoke. The buds are large, with a surprisingly light and airy structure. And being locally grown here thanks to I71, they are, of course, super duper fresh.

Big Bud nug


Now that I think about it, the buzz is kinda similar to Grandaddy Purp. I find that strain to be relaxing, with a heavy head rush that helps me block out the psychic screams of a tortured planet on the brink of Armageddon I can do little about but stockpile ammunition, and by ammunition, I mean marijuana, and just enjoy The Awesomes, which actually is pretty hilarious once you get past the pilot. I gotta stop giving up on shows halfway through the pilot, man.

Anyway, Big Bud is kinda similar, but even less drowsy. I'm in a great mood, my mind is calm, and I can still think clearly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for daytime use, which is a fantastic find in an indica. Sativas don't always do enough for my anxiety, and some folks find they induce paranoia, so Green Label Grinders' Big Bud would be a great option for them. Review day means I get to finish smoking it, hooray!


I assume you're already on the way to get some so you'll get to experience Green Label Grinders' wonderful flowers for yourself soon! If you haven't, what the heck are you waiting for? Click here now! The Gentleman is a big fan and I'm sure you will be, too.

If not, I fully understand that in your infinite wisdom, my life is forfeit to the tuna which will sustain you, thus achieving my life's...waitforitwaitforit...porpoise. Snort! Please also consider subscribing to my email newsletter, mostly about tuna and various tuna-related topics. Oh, you're interested? Stupendous! Sign here, please.

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