The Best Pre-Rolls DC Has to Offer

One of our favorite activities at Gentleman Toker is picking up a locally grown, well-crafted pre-roll from one of DC’s finest cannabis retailers. Pre-rolls bring all of the high without any of the hassle of rolling joints yourself. We spent days scouring the city for the best joints around and, when the smoke had settled, these were the best of the best. It was a tough job! But we did it for you, dear reader.

Our Favorite Pre-Rolls DC Has Available


Hiroshima Super Pre-Rolls

Hiroshima Super Pre-Rolls, in package

Hiroshima Super Pre-Rolls are a local favorite. Every pack includes eight pre-rolled joints made from a signature mix of five high-quality strains of flower—always fresh, never shake. Each one is then brushed with wax and dipped in kief. They’re available exclusively from Puff Kings DC.

Next Level Pre-Rolls

Next Level Pre-Roll, with package

If you’re looking for some great flavor options in your cannabis, give Next Level Pre-Rolls a try. Their joints feature OG kush flowers infused with fresh pressed rosin, rolled with all-natural RAW paper, and topped with kief. Some of their most popular flavors include caramel macchiato, wild cherry, pomegranate, birthday cake, banana cream, and chocolate raspberry truffle. Every sealed glass container of Next Level Pre-Rolls is lab tested and features its batch number and testing results on display. You can purchase Next Level Pre-Rolls at Legacy DC and Gifted Curators.

Lowell Smokes Pre-Rolls

Lowell Smokes Pre-Rolls, in package

The pinnacle of luxury and sophistication, Lowell Smokes Pre-Rolls are artisan crafted with love and respect for the plant. Lowell Smokes’ sealed, tamper-proof packs include 14 half-gram, premium quality joints from fresh ground flower. Lowell Smokes prides itself on using sustainable and natural materials from seed to sale and combining luxury craft with modern convenience. Lowell Smokes Pre-Rolls are available from Gifted Curators.

King Kong Pre-Rolls

One of the biggest and best pre-rolls DC has to offer, King Kong Pre-Rolls contain two grams worth of locally grown, top-shelf flower covered in kief. The blunt wrap is so big you could fit a roll of nickels inside, not to mention the wooden tip it has on the end. Share this fat joint with some friends or savor it for days after picking it up from Green Label Grinders.

Where to Find Pre-Rolls in DC

The Pre Roll Guys

The Pre Roll Guys are about more than just cannabis—they’re a community that focuses on men’s health, fitness, and lifestyles. It’s a collection of people who want to be healthier, stronger, and more relaxed. They offer delivery, weekly specials, and even some locally-made art. They use the highest quality rolling paper and exotic strains for their pre-rolls. Their most popular strains include Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. Their high-end and premium roll flavors include bubble gum cherry, peanut butter sorbet, sunset sherbet, triple chocolate chip, and gelato.

Peace in the Air

Located right near downtown DC, Peace in the Air offers walk-in, delivery, and pickup for their products. Their blend and premium house pre-rolls are wrapped in organic paper and weigh in at .75 g each. In addition to fine pre-rolls, they have a great selection of edibles, flower, CBD, accessories, and full-ounce zips.

Legacy DC

The fine tokers at Legacy DC have created a great place for customers to relax and enjoy their shopping experience. Their store works to create an immersive atmosphere and a culture that embraces peace and change. They also specialize in local graffiti and street art. Legacy DC offers pre-rolls created from their own premium house blend, in addition to infused pre-rolls from Next Level and Boutiq.

Gifted Curators

One of the top cannabis retailers in DC, Gifted Curators features Next Level pre-rolls, in addition to Boutiq Mini Joints and their own house blend. It’s also a street art gallery that features some local art and merch.

Cannabis Pre-Roll Delivery Options

All of the retailers listed above offer delivery options in the DC area, and a longer list is available in our directory. If it's your first time ordering weed to be delivered in the DC area, we’ve also created a helpful guide breaking it down into a four-step process.

  1. Find a trusted pre-roll delivery brand by using the helpful Gentleman Toker directory.
  2. Visit their website and pick out the brand, flavor, and amount of pre-rolls you wish to purchase. Once the items are in your cart, the site will give you instructions on how to order, which may involve calling or texting.
  3. Set a delivery location and wait for your driver. Some retailers may have certain restrictions on where they are able to deliver and at what times. They will notify you if there are any issues. The average wait time is usually 40 to 70 minutes.
  4. Always check your product with the driver. You always want to check that your delivery is correct before your driver leaves. Since some retailers don’t have an actual storefront for your visit, it can be difficult to make a return if something is wrong. Of course, choosing a business recommended by Gentleman Toker is a great way to make sure you get a quality product with great customer service.

Check Out Our Deals on Pre-Rolls in DC

If you’re looking to find a great pre-roll and save money at the same time, then Gentleman Toker’s featured deals page is the place for you. We’ve got the line on some of the best sales in DC, including free items. New deals are dropping onto the list all the time, so make sure you check back often to find the hottest sales. As of the time of this writing, V.I.Peace is offering a free pre-roll with an order, and Peace in the Air is offering a free pack of Baby Jeter pre-rolls.

Find the Best Pre-Rolls DC Has Available

Gentleman Toker is your best bet to find the best brands and the best deals on all cannabis products in DC. We’ve made the rounds and done the math so you don’t have to. Check out our comprehensive list of the best cannabis businesses in town—and don’t forget to tell them the Gentleman sent you!