Bakked Dabaratus

The Bakked Dabaratus is on the forefront of a new generation of concentrate delivery systems, a pen-style distillate dispenser that's safe to touch directly to your nail or banger (that's the bowl part of your concentrate bong for my readers that still think 710 is an area code. I love you guys, too). Bakked is a multi-jurisdictional marijuana concentrate brand under the Organa Brands umbrella that also includes O.penVape, Magic Buzz, and District Edibles. I first checked out Bakked's distillate in Vegas and complained that I lost half my meds cuz in the glass jar's cap before I opened 'em. Since I'm, like, Z-list internet famous now or whatever, they reached out to let me know they had a new product that addressed my concerns and offered to let me try one out next time I was on the West Coast, which I was, so I did. It's not that complicated, Greg. I've tried several pen-style dispensers similar to Bakked's Dabaratus but haven't really loved any of them- it generally takes some time before the oil starts flowing and it can be difficult to gauge how long it'll take to release, so you might have some waste while you practice. You'll need to do the same with the Dabaratus, but the learning curve is quick thanks to a button that clicks in and out of place with each drop released. It's easy to keep track of and each drop looks consistent as far as my naked eye and lungs can attest- three drops was a perfect amount each time, with very little cotton-swab cleaning required. FYI, this isn't as much of an issue if you use an e-nail, which stays at a consistent temperature, or if you're dripping it on to the coils of your dab pen, but the Gentleman prefers a torch & quartz, so timing is an issue. Unlike some other...uh, pen-droppers? the Dabaratus is conservative with your meds, as it doesn't continue to leak long after you stopped pressing the button. I'd usually find just a bit clinging to the needle, available for the next dose. Bakked Dabaratus concentrate The Bakked Dabaratus is strain-specific, rather than a blend- mine was filled with one gram of Cali-grown Sunset Sherbet distillate. They use an organic, closed-loop supercritical CO2 extraction process to yank the THC out of the plant and reintroduce the same-strain & -batch terpenes back to the oil. I'm a big fan of CO2 extraction- I think it allows for a very natural flavor profile and generally produces a well-rounded, organic-feeling buzz when compared to BHO, which can feel too loud and artificial, like dubstep inserted directly into your brain. The Sunset Sherbet from Cali had a surprisingly rich, earthy flavor and was an exceptionally smooth dab. It put me in a wonderfully relaxed, positive mood that's too potent for getting much work done but is perfect for  clocking a few hours on Persona 5 before bed. I can't believe I'm playing a game where I'm freaking out about not having enough time to study or what gift to buy my friends, as I already know everything, and don't have any., best we not look too closely at that statement. Bakked Dabaratus concentrate packaging On consideration, your Gentleman still prefers a more syringe/plunger-style system that allows for immediate release at the exact moment my dab countdown ends for my preferred flavor/cannabinoid balance. Knock on wood, I'm not that clumsy, so I don't really need the titanium tip, but I understand why it could be helpful for others or in a social setting. Yes, I'm looking at you, Greg. That being said, the Bakked Dabaratus is the most intuitive and butterfingers-proof version of this device I've found and the Terpene-Rich Sunset Sherbet ranks comfortably among the best distillates I've had so far. Very impressive at only $45/gram (looking at you, Maryland and DC. Mmhmm, that's what it costs). The Gentleman can happily recommend it to my hulking, hubristic homunculi looking for high-quality, potent extracts while visiting the Golden State. Bakked Dabaratus ingredients Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter!