About the Gentleman

Heya. I'm Joe Tierney. I made GentlemanToker.com to tell you fine folks about all the fire I found around town following the passage of Initiative 71! Also, to yell at the MMJ Program to get better without having my negative reviews taken down from StickyGuide. Then I wrote a piece for DOPE Magazine for free to get some street cred. They didn't want to pay for another. Ha! I'm just a weird guy who smokes to medicate his PTSD, anxiety, depression, back/neck/shoulder pain, fatigue, trouble sleeping, umm, this weird eating disorder called ARFID that I'm not gonna get in to here, and pays way, way too much attention to his inner monologue. It's this hyper-consciousness that helps me gauge my internal state and how cannabis affects it. Plus, I like to go on rants, often featuring psychic snake monsters, angry necromancers, Mortal Kombat...you get the gist. Being the Gentleman has been the most fun I've ever had with my pants on! Check out my reviews.