What to Expect from DC Weed Tours

Cannabis tours in Washington DC are increasingly growing in popularity. These relaxing tours in the city provide a twist to typical DC tourism activities like historical sightseeing and barhopping. Book one of the best weed tours in DC to witness the cannabis-infused fun yourself.

 What is there to look forward to with DC weed tours? Our guide outlines the amazing advantages of cannabis tours in the district for those who want to make these adventures a part of their vacation or their weekend plans. 

Why Go to DC Weed Tours?

Enjoy a Relaxing Trip

If there’s one thing cannabis is known for, it’s relaxation. Many weekend trips and outings are fun but also filled with stress: the commotion of trying to get a good view for a concert, having to get up at 7 a.m. for a boat ride, or waiting for hours to try to get into an exclusive nightclub. There’s something special about setting aside a weekend just to blaze up and chill out. Whether going with a group of friends or on a date with your significant other, a weed tour is an opportunity to sit back and unwind with a nice blunt. 

Adult-Only Fun

As wonderful as kids might be, everyone needs some time away from the responsibilities of making sure every mouth is fed and every mind is entertained. With adult-only excursions like cannabis tours, you don’t have to worry about your children or anyone else’s. It’s an opportunity to meet like-minded adults with the same passion as you: smoking that green. 

Try Different Strains

Some weed tasting tours offer samples of different strains to try! Fellow tourists might also let you try a hit or recommend their favorite strain. On these tours, cannabis enthusiasts can find unique new strains of weed that may become their next personal go-to. 

Finding the perfect strain of weed for you is essential. Not only are sativa, indica, and hybrids important factors to some people, but strains of weed also vary in flavor and consistency. There are weed strains people prefer for making art, kicking back and laughing with friends, and relaxing at home watching their favorite show. “Celebrity” weed strains have been carefully curated to give specific effects, and you might find your favorite on a DC weed tour. 

The Basics of DC Weed Tours

Acquiring Tickets

Purchasing a ticket for a weed tasting tour or cannabis-friendly tour can typically be done through the tour company’s website. These aren’t typically sold out, so buying them a few days in advance is fine, but keep in mind that holiday weekends might be more booked up—especially 4/20!

Traveling the Town

DC weed tours take place in a variety of fascinating locations. Museum cannabis tours allow tourists to gaze at art while sparking their appreciation for creativity or look at planetarium exhibits with wonder. If something casual is more your speed, you can find a tour to take you to various breweries and restaurants across town while you satiate your munchies. Washington DC is also full of historic monuments and parks, perfect for stoners who want to geek out on history. 

How do people get around town on these DC weed tours? Well, DC is a very walkable city, so walking tours are not uncommon. Biking tours are also an option, as are private weed bus tours for those of us who become a bit sluggish and get “couch lock” while high. 

Smoking Cannabis in the District

DC weed laws allow the consumption of cannabis at dispensaries thanks to on-site consumption and self-certification legislation. Smoking in public is decriminalized and only nets you a $25 fine if you're on DC land. If you're on federal property, however, cannabis is still federally illegal, and you can get in big trouble. Cannabis tour guides will inform you about where you can smoke, so you don’t have to worry about getting fined.

Types of DC Weed Tours

Dispensary Tours

You’ve already spent many hours smoking quality cannabis, so why not learn how it’s made? Dispensary tours in DC give tourists the opportunity to see cannabis cultivation farms and labs, providing them with an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Discovering the techniques and processes of a dispensary is truly fascinating. Learn the ins and outs of growing marijuana plants while lighting up your blunt or bowl. 

Cannabis-Friendly Tours

Cannabis-friendly tours are just your traditional DC tourism activities but with an amazing perk: It’s socially acceptable (and encouraged) to get high during them. Engage in some of your favorite activities, like relaxing spa days, sightseeing at DC monuments, or visiting local shops while enjoying an ongoing smoke session. This is the perfect activity for individuals who want to sprinkle a bit more kush into their everyday fun. 

Best DC Weed Tours: Elevated Tours

DC’s Elevated Tours offer the hottest spots in DC with the opportunity to see the city through “elevated eyes.” These historical weed bus tours showcase DC’s finest monuments with entertaining and educational guidance from wonderful guides. Hospitality is their strong suit. Be prepared for a day of fun and culturally rich spots including the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, White House, MLK Memorial, Tidal Basin, and more! Each ticket also comes with a professionally rolled pre-roll. 

Cannabis BnBs 

Cannabis BnBs, also known as weed BnBs, provide guests with private and luxurious getaways with the added amenities of cannabis products. These places often offer cannabis-infused meals, edibles, topicals, and premium bud to their guests. Tourists love to stay at these locations because, rather than being scolded for leaving the scent of marijuana lingering in the air, cannabis consumption is encouraged. All needs are typically taken care of, with guests rarely having to lift a finger (except to light the occasional blunt).

Canna Cape Cod

Canna Cape Cod Bud and Breakfast brings patrons all the joys of cannabis and cuisine. Guests get to enjoy a hookah, three infused meals, bongs, a dab rig, topicals, edibles, a vape, an open bar and flower bar, and a fridge stocked with snacks. The gorgeous three-story home in the heart of DC is conveniently located with access to nearby landmarks. 

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