420 Specials for Washington DC!

Happy 420 everybody! The Gentleman can't get cranked up on Red Bulls to play Witcher all day until I've shared today's holiday specials from our favorite I71 brands in Washington DC. We've also got deals listed everyday right here. Merry Stoner Christmas!


Athena's Gifts has three different 420 bundles for you to choose from today:


  • 420 Bundle 1- 2 Nerd Ropes, 2 Edibles, and 5 Pre-rolls for $200
  • 420 Bundle 2- 2 Juices, 5 Pre-Rolls, 2 Gummies, and 2 Chips for $250
  • 420 Bundle 3- 1 oz of flower and 3 edibles for $300


exotic blooms dc hawaiian punch weed photo

Hawaiian Punch from Exotic Blooms


Exotic Blooms has several deals for you to choose from! Their specials end today but if you mention Gentleman Toker in your order, you can still get them tomorrow (4/21):


  • Ounce of Premium Gelato flowers for $100
  • Ounce of Premium Diablo OG, Hawaiian Punch, Jedi Kush, Strawberry Banana, or Tangie flowers for $160
  • Ounce of Private Reserve GG4 or LA Kush Cake flowers for $200
  • Two Ounces of Lost Cause flowers for $200
  • Every donation over $200 gets a 500mg pack of Gummies FREE


royale dankness 420 specials flyer


Royale Dankness has tons of specials! Aside from those listed above, you'll find:


  • Spend $240+ & get 2 Pre-Rolls free
  • Spend $300+ & get *3.5g & ICC Pre-Roll free
  • Spend $420+ & get *3.5g & Royale Pre-Roll free
  • *Choose from Mimosa, Peaches & Cream, Larry OG, Venom OG, DNA Cake, or White Train flowers.


lifted dc 420 cookies photo


Lifted is offering a 420mg 420 Cookie FREE with qualifying purchases all day today!


lucky chuckie 420 specials flyer


Lucky Chuckie is offering two ounces of flower for $420 donations before 4:20pm today! Make sure you mention this site when you order to get the deal. Plus Gummy Mania continues- get $400 of Gummy gifts, you'll get an extra $200 FREE!


puff kings dc 420 specials flyer


Puff Kings got in the mix early with 420 specials all month long! Details above. And don't forget about their Baking Contest and Text Giveaways!


gifted curators deals flyer


Gifted Curators has eighths for $40 today and everybody who visits the shop at 2469 18th St NW gets a FREE edible, a FREE pre-roll, and a spin of the prize wheel! Every purchase gets you an entry for their super-sized gift basket too!


peace in the air 15 off flyer


Peace in the Air is giving away three 420 Prize Packs ($300 value) today- one in-store at 2118 18th St NW, one thru their Instagram page, and one to newsletter subscribers!


bagged buds hash deal flyer


Bagged Buds has lots of deals to choose from! Get 5 grams of their old-school Afghani Hash with the purchase of a $200 collectible plus:


  • 1 ounce of Limited tier flower w/$250 collectible purchase
  • 2 ounces of Designer tier flower w/$625 collectible purchases
  • 3 grams of Diamonds + .5g of Shatter w/$200 collectible purchase
  • 4 packs of 500mg Gummies w/$200 collectible purchase


select co op dc everyday specials flyer


Select Co-Op has a Mix & Match special on concentrate today (plus their everyday specials listed above)! Pick any 5 shatters, distillates, crumbles, or Cali pancake badders for $225.


canamelo everyday deal flyer


Canamelo has ounces for $200 everyday! You can also get a pack of 3 vape cartridges for $150.


Natural Vibes DC has several options to choose from today:


  • Four packs of WeedTarts edibles + a Pre-roll for $100
  • Mix & Match 2 oz of select flowers for $600 (choose from Royal Cream, Zookies, Wedding Crasher, or Critical Kush) plus a free Pre-roll
  • Five full-gram vape cartridges + a Pre-roll for $250
  • Five Pre-rolls for $50


Spaced Out visitors (3114 Mt Pleasant St NW) get 5% off of ALL orders today!


Heady Club's 420 Club of Specials include:


  • $420 ounces of shatter and crumble
  • $420 for two ounces of flower (1 from the Premium list and 1 from the Top Shelf or Exotics list)
  • $420 for ten vape cartridges
  • $420 for ten edibles


Green Kings is open for the holiday and giving away a FREE pre-roll with any photo purchase plus a FREE eighth with photo purchases totaling $420 or more.


hidden leaf specials flyer


Hidden Leaf has Happy Hour specials ALL DAY TODAY! Enjoy $35 eighths on select strains and $300 premium flower ounces. Pick-up only!


DC TeaPad is offering a free gift with any art purchase and your choice of $20 off or a free gift with any ounce order today!


VIP Clientele is giving away FREE pre-rolls to their store visitors (3551 Georgia Ave NW) all day today!


District Connect has you covered on flowers! Today you can get:


  • Ounces of Gelato 33 flower for $100
  • Ounces of Fire OG, King's Kush, Maui, or Strawnana flower for $160
  • Ounces of GG4 or Presidential Kush flower for $200
  • Any order over $200 gets a FREE Dankwoods Mini caviar blunt!


district chiefer sorbetto flower photo


District Chiefer is offering Exotic tier flower quarters for $100, ounces of Crumble, Badder, & Shatter for $420, and 5 grams of Apple Dabs concentrates for $200!