The GMO strain is acclaimed as a favorite of breeders, growers, terp-chasing dab-lovers, and regular old weed smokers, but this strain gets a little confusing — so let’s clear things up!


In short, GMO is a cut, or phenotype, selected from a pack of Mamiko Chem Cookies seeds by Skunkmasterflex (see the December 2017 issue of High Times, or this IG post). Contrary to urban legends about “garlic, mushrooms, and onions,” Skunkmasterflex reports that he named this phenotype after reading a headline about Girl Scout Cookies (the actual cookies!) containing genetically modified ingredients. From there, the nickname Garlic Cookies started popping up, and some breeders have used GMO to create strains with garlic names, so the garlic nickname isn’t going away anytime soon!

In the aforementioned 2017 High Times issue, Danny Danko refers to the Skunkmasterflex GMO cut as “D-Cookies”, but that’s actually the original name chosen for Mamiko Seeds Chem Cookies (referring to the Chem D parent) — but that didn’t really stick, and they chose Chem Cookies instead.

A separate Chem Cookies was bred by Divine Genetics that crossed the same Girl Scout Cookies with a different Chemdog phenotype (Chemdog 4 instead of Chem D). Both the Divine Genetics Chem Cookies and Mamiko Chem Cookies were released around the same time and can produce similar plants, which is confusing enough, but now both are also referred to as GMO Cookies, even though the Mamiko Seeds GMO cut is what breeders and smokers have been raving about. You may also see the names GMO Cookies, Garlic Cookies, and even GMO being used interchangeably, so how can you tell the difference?

Other than DNA testing, there’s no absolute way to prove you have the Mamiko Seeds GMO cut from Skunkmaster, but it’s sort of an awkward-looking strain that’s fairly easy to recognize. Sometimes it can look quite purple or dark green from its leaves, but it’s often a light green color. The shape of the buds is what’s unique, though, so check out this picture or this video to get an idea of what the real GMO usually looks like. If you get GMO that doesn’t look similar, it may still be Chem Cookies, but it might not be the same cut Skunkmaster Flex found from his pack of Mamiko Chem Cookies seeds.

Okay, phew! That wasn’t so bad, was it? Let’s dig into the rest of it!

GMO Strain Genetics

Mamiko Seeds Chem Cookies a.k.a. Mamiko Seeds GMO Cookies 

Vintage: circa 2015

Lineage: Girl Scout Cookies (forum cut) x Chem D

Breeder: Mamiko Seeds

Pheno Hunter: Skunkmaster Flex

Divine Genetics Chem Cookies

Vintage: circa 2015

Lineage: Girl Scout Cookies (forum cut) x Chemdog #4

Breeder: Divine Genetics

GMO Strain Effects

Mamiko Seeds GMO provides a very vibrant and focused body high with less prevalent couchlock than Girl Scout Cookies. Some users still find it very sedating, but others are able to enjoy it throughout the day without missing a beat! This type of dynamic effect is typical of Chem D, which is truly an old-school “hybrid” that can show different parts of its lineage based on the mood and setting it’s used in. The effects of Mamiko Seeds GMO cut reminds some fans of Sour Diesel. 

The Divine Genetics Chem #4 Cookies tends to provide much heavier, sedative effects, and users may not find as much versatility, although most still report it to be a very stimulating strain. This version brings out more of the couchlock potential of the Girl Scout Cookies, and doesn’t skimp on the psychoactivity!

GMO Strain Medical Benefits

When it comes to medical use of GMO, things are a bit muddled from the two different lineages in circulation. Patients have reportedly used GMO strains to treat common physical ailments like pain, inflammation, and arthritis. The mood-enhancing effects may aid those suffering from depression, while its sedative side can alleviate insomnia. We expect that the Mamiko Seeds GMO cut will help most with mood and a number of body ailments, but that Chem Cookies from Divine Genetics will do better with pain and insomnia.

GMO users have reported side effects like dry mouth, red eyes, and dizziness.

GMO Strain Characteristics

Mamiko Seeds GMO has slender, foxtail-covered buds with spicy and musty flavors that some describe as reminiscent of garlic and spoiled food. Some say it doesn’t smell like food at all, but almost everyone agrees it’s a pungent sort of smell that’s among the loudest strains they’ve ever smelt. Village Grows says, “Both the classic ‘musty sock drawer’ essence of Chem D (a.k.a. Chem Dirty Sock pheno) and the ‘spicy curry thin mints’ essence Forum Cookies can be noticed in the taste on exhale”. 

Some phenos of Chem #4 Cookies have a similar slender shape, but with more subtle foxtails jutting out. The aromas and flavors are likely to lead towards sweeter notes, stronger diesel characteristics, and hints of coffee.

GMO Strain Awards

Mamiko Seeds GMO flower was included in the 10 Best Weed Strains of 2018 by High Times. Here’s what they had to say:

“With a unique name and an uncommon terpene profile, GMO Cookies has taken the cannabis-connoisseur world by storm. @SkunkMasterFlex1 found this gem of a phenotype from a pack of Mamiko Seeds’ D-Cookies. Most people would be disgusted at the aroma and flavor of a strain being described with such terms as “garlic, halitosis, DMT and dry socket,” but the rareness of this variety makes it very special. She yields heavy, tests high, gives great returns on hash, has strong bud structure and looks incredible! Take this one down at around 70 to 74 days for optimal effects.”

GMO Strain Lab Results

GMO is a high THC strain with low CBD. Its main terpenes are limonene and caryophyllene, with myrcene and humulene  prevalent in many variations. Due to the number of strain names used interchangeably, it’s hard to describe an exact chemotype for the GMO strain. 

In some phenotypes, the terpene profile is dominated by a 1:1 ratio of limonene and beta-caryophyllene, with a considerable myrcene component. Other phenotypes are reported to be myrcene-dominant, with considerable beta-caryophyllene and less limonene. 

GMO’s pungent, spicy smells can be attributed to the presence of myrcene and caryophyllene, but limonene is harder to detect with the senses because it takes on so many different scents depending on what it’s combined with. In other words, GMO isn’t a strain with fresh, bright citrus-like smells, but that doesn’t mean limonene isn’t a dominant terpene. Look for savory, garlic, food-like smells to dominate the aroma of authentic GMO!

GMO Strain Growing Tips

GMO Cookies is a high-yielding strain that’s considered easy to grow. It reaches a medium height and branches well. It’s expected to stretch significantly during flowering, by a factor of 3-4x according to Dark Heart Nursery. Its spindly structure results in high returns for hash makers.

The GMO strain flower time is expected to take at least 70 days, with High Times recommending a flower time of “70 to 74 days for optimal effects”. According to Dark Heart Nursery, the GMO strain flower time is about 77-84 days to full maturity.

Where to Buy GMO Strain Seeds

An identical Mamiko Seeds GMO cut can only be obtained through clones of the plant that Skunkmaster Flex selected. However, compared to many of the other fire-hot exotic strains, Mamiko Chem Cookies is one that’s still fairly available. Check out Hembra Genetics for the seeds that Skunkmaster Flex found his GMO cut from. Just to be clear, you’ll find some variation in those seeds, and you’ll have to search for something that’s similar to the D-Cookies GMO phenotype.

The Divine Genetics Chem Cookies seeds were well distributed, but we haven’t found them in stock at any reputable sources lately, so we’ll keep you updated!