Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is a powerful hybrid cross between Strawberry Diesel and Ghost’s cut of OG Kush. Bruce Banner — specifically, its #3 phenotype — offers incredible levels of THC and packs a punch that could humble even the most seasoned veteran. Let’s take a look at what makes the Bruce Banner #3 strain one of Earth’s Mightiest Cuts.

Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner takes the best traits of two already potent cannabis strains to create something even more mind-bogglingly intense. In 2008, the original Bruce Banner was bred by Jason Holck of Dark Horse Genetics, better known as OG Ironlung, but the story starts a little before that. 

Bruce Banner History and Genetics

In the mid-2000s, Holck was a college student and freshman grower in Colorado. Around that time, he was fortunate enough to score Strawberry Diesel seeds (a hybrid cross of Strawberry Cough and OG Kush) through an auction by Reservoir Seeds. Those seeds were crossed with an LA OG pheno to create Strawberry Kush #1 (evenly split traits of the two parents), #3 (heavy on the OG), and #5 (favored Strawberry). Holck brought his Strawberry Kush to a String Cheese Incident concert where a fellow enthusiast dubbed him “Bruce Banner,” (a.k.a. The Incredible Hulk) inspiring the eponymous strain. Shortly after, history was made when the Strawberry Diesel was used to pollinate what is now thought to be Ghost’s cut of OG Kush, ultimately resulting in the Bruce Banner strain. Banner would go on to be one of the original 12 strains offered by Holck’s now-defunct Delta 9 Alternative Medicine. 

Of the five variants of Bruce Banner that Holck would cultivate, the #3 pheno grew to be the most popular of the bunch due to its insanely high THC content. The #5 pheno is also fairly common, and is often confused for the #3. As Holck said, “Ninety percent of the time I walk into a dispensary and see a jar of Bruce Banner, it’s the #5. A lot of the real heads will be able to tell when it’s the kush and know they have the #3, but much of the general public think that the #5 is the #3.”In 2013, Dark Horse Genetics set the bar for high THC strains with Bruce Banner #3 clocking in at a whopping 28.35% THC at the Denver Cannabis Cup. By 2016, the strain had garnered even more notoriety with its placement on the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s list of banned strain names, due to its potential to “appeal to children”. Holck has made it clear that the name Bruce Banner wasn’t meant to appeal to children, saying, “It was a joke based on my last name.” The Incredible Hulk — Holck — get it?

Vintage: 2008 (not available to the general public until 2010)

Lineage: Strawberry Diesel (Reservoir Seeds) and OG Kush (Ghost’s Cut)

Location: Denver, Colorado 

Breeder: Jason Holck, Dark Horse Genetics 

Awards: 1st place winner for “Most Potent Strain” at the 2013 Denver Cannabis Cup (Bruce Banner #3)

Bruce Banner Strain Effects: Indica or Sativa?

Bruce Banner #3 is a hybrid strain with a 60/40 ratio of indica and sativa, respectively. While this is a good indicator of the cultivar’s lineage, as well as the general range of effects one can expect, it cannot be described by those categories alone. More than anything, Bruce Banner #3 possesses uplifting and intensely relaxing effects directly in line with what you would look for from an OG. One fan raves, “This was an uplifting ride with a smile on my mug the entire time. One great pick-me-up and a fairly good ‘kick me in the pants and do something’ type strain.”

Bruce Banner #3 gets to work fast,providing an energetic burst of creativity and euphoria, making it an ideal option for wake-and-bake enthusiasts. The buzzy, elevated headspace gradually transcends into a cozy, focused relaxation, ideal for working on art, focusing on a movie or burning a Saturday playing video games. For experienced tokers or those consuming in moderation, Bruce Banner can function as an anxiolytic, melting away stress and anxiety.  

The longer, focused tail end of Bruce Banner #3’s mellow stone makes it a handy tool to those with ADD/ADHD. Patients report Bruce Banner #3 consistently leaving them uplifted and giddy, making it an excellent option for those suffering from depression or social anxiety. In addition to the clear, creative high, Bruce Banner #3 also acts as a serious pain reliever, reportedly offering significant aid to those with migraines and arthritis. Be on the lookout for potential dizziness, especially at higher doses. Reviews also mention the ever-present side effect of dry mouth and eyes. 

Bruce Banner Characteristics and Terpenes

BB#3 doesn’t just have some of the highest THC content out there, it also wields a powerful and complex aroma of sweet berries and sour citrus alongside that familiar diesel and skunky earth. The smell is known to fill a room; driving around in the wrong state with this strain in the wrong packaging could make for a nerve-wracking experience. Its hulking buds range from vibrant olive to lime green, and are often covered in scraggly dark orange pistils, with an occasional smattering of deep magenta. The trichome covering on this strain is stunning and fascinating to look at in super-macro shots. That’s not to say you even need magnification to see the galaxy of frosty crystals covering most nugs.  The primary terpene found in Bruce Banner #3 is caryophyllene (spicy, funky), with other traces of humulene (a terpene shared with hops) and  alpha-pinene (strong pine). 

Bruce Banner Strain Grow Info  

Bruce Banner seeds will flourish both indoors and outdoors. Growers of the green goliath can expect a short, bushy crop of packed colas flush with semi-dense buds. Because of this, topping and defoliation is advised to ensure light is evenly received throughout the canopy. The strain shares in OG Kush’s broad, dark green leaves which turn an even darker purple as the weather cools. Its short stature makes Bruce Banner #3 a good choice for the SOG or SCROG techniques. 

Flowering time ranges from 56 to 70 days, and yields are notoriously heavy. If given the right amounts of care, nitrogen, magnesium, and calcium, Bruce Banner #3 could net you upwards of 21 ounces per square meter.