Wedding Crasher

The namesake of this strain is undoubtedly pulled from the popular comedy flick Wedding Crashers. But just how did this tantalizing strain come to be? Tracing the lineage of this strain takes us to two famous breeders known as Symbiotic Genetics. The legendary duo today is known for producing some of the most iconic strains including Mimosa, Banana Punch, and Kombucha.

Wedding Crasher

Word has it that the strain grew in popularity thanks to the efforts of Jungle Boys, a group of cultivators based in Los Angeles who began growing the strain in 2017. Symbiotic crossed Wedding Cake sourced from Jungle Boys (bred by Seed Junky Genetics) along with Budologist's flagship Purple Punch F2 stud male, and the end result is what we know and love as Wedding Crasher.

Many different phenotypes have since been created by enterprising breeders. Some are distinctly more Wedding Cake leaning, featuring slightly more sativa-like cerebral qualities that resemble Cookies strains. Others may take on more characteristics from their Purple Punch parent, including darker purple colors and a more prominent body high and sense of relaxation.

At the 2018 Emerald Cup, Symbiotic Genetics’ Wedding Crasher took home 18th place in the Outdoor flower category. It rose to even greater heights in 2021 when High Times released a ‘Best of The Best’ article naming Wedding Crasher as one of the top strains in America that year. It has continued to grow in popularity ever since. 

Vintage: circa 2017

Lineage: Wedding Cake x Purple Punch

Breeder: Symbiotic Genetics

Pheno Hunter: Jungle Boys

Wedding Crasher Strain Effects

Wedding Crasher is a unique flower to smoke for a number of reasons. As mentioned earlier, effects vary wildly depending on the phenotype. Expect different results depending on whether or not you’ve got a Cookies-leaning pheno or a Purple Punch-leaning one. Purple Punch phenos will demonstrate classic indica characteristics such as having shorter, squatter buds with deeper purple colors. 

Cookie-leaning phenos of Wedding Crasher have been said to be cerebral and energetic, bringing on a quick hit of euphoria, sociability and focus. Some users report this strain can make them more chatty, reduce social anxiety or make them more confident. And while Purple Punch phenos can provide a sense of relaxation to the body, the high is by no means a sedating one. It’s gentle, buzzy and relaxing, especially at the end of a long day at work. 

As such it’s a great strain to lean on for getting chores done or events like going to a party/dancing. The Durban Poison ancestry (a grandparent of Wedding Crashers) lends a degree of creativity here that pairs nicely with the strain’s effects on the body. Be wary, though: this strain is said to stimulate appetite, so be prepared to handle the munchies just in case. Side effects with Wedding Crashers are very minimal and include dry eyes and mouth. 

Wedding Crasher Strain Medical Benefits

Many medical patients enjoy using strains such as Wedding Crashers because they demonstrate balance between cerebral and physical effects without being too overwhelming. The indica influence here is very lightly “stony." It is also reported that Wedding Crasher does not typically cause heart palpitations or paranoia like some sativa-leaning hybrids can, making it a great choice for novices looking to get started with a gentle but fun strain. 

Cerebral effects of this strain typically guide the experience, with a near instantaneous onset. The experience is said to be cheery without being overwhelming, and can sometimes be described as gently psychedelic. The Wedding Crasher strain has been reported to aid with a variety of different conditions. These include, but are not limited to: mood swings, depression, social anxiety, inflammation, appetite loss, nausea and chronic stress. 

Wedding Crasher Strain Characteristics

The most characteristic aspect of this strain is its unique smell. Fans rave about the combination of sweet yet slightly musky, spicy vanilla scent inherited from the Wedding Cake parent alongside the fruitiness of Purple Punch’s berry notes. A grape flavor punctuated with berries hits the palate first before finishing with a vanilla exhale. Light notes of gas and fuel accompany to round out the flavors. 

Visually buds can vary depending on the phenotype. Wedding Crasher leaves are broad, with buds generally short and squat per their indica lineage. Nugs are generally forest-green colored and often contain deep purple undertones. Thin, reddish orange hairs cover leaves with scatterings of glittering trichomes throughout. 

Any flower that smells this good is bound to be packed with terpenes, which is exactly the case here. While exact terpenes vary by pheno, Wedding Crasher often contains beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene, Linalool, Pinene and Alpha-Humulene, a terpene also found in hops. Unlike other terpenes Beta-Caryophyllene acts directly on endocannabinoid receptors which may have effects on mood. Myrcene typically lends a peppery note to cultivars with sedating effects. Linalool, too, has been shown to demonstrate anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects. These indica-like qualities are in direct opposition to those of Limonene, whose effects are said to be energizing and stimulating. Pinene is known for inspiring focus, which is likely why this unique terpene combination results in an indica that’s both stimulating and relaxing. 

Whichever of these terpenes are present in your bud is the best indicator of the type of experience you’ll have with this strain, so be sure to consult a lab report (a.k.a. Certificate of Analysis). 

Wedding Crasher Strain Seeds and Growing Tips

Like many hybrids, Wedding Crasher is a versatile plant that can grow in and outdoors in soil or hydroponics. It prefers temperatures in the range of 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Growers are advised to try and maintain a lights off temperature of 60-70 degrees; however temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees are considered to be more ideal. Flowering time is typically 63 to 70 days (~8 weeks). When growing this strain it’s advisable to take special care to monitor humidity levels to reduce the risk of contaminants like powdery mildew; humidity is recommended to stay between 40-60%. Regular trimming is also suggested.

Looking to get your hands on some Wedding Crash seeds? Head over to Horror Seeds, the official distributor of Symbiotic Genetics.

By Janelle Lassalle

Artist, Writer, and Content Creator