Wedding Cake

The resurgence of Tampa Bay area Triangle Kush in the modern “exotics” scene reached fiery new heights when the world-famous Jungle Boys selected pheno #23 from Seed Junky’s Triangle Mints and dubbed it Wedding Cake. Few strains in recent memory have been as beloved and widespread.

Wedding Cake

When it comes to the high, the Wedding Cake strain leans heavily into its Triangle Kush mother. For many tokers, the Wedding Cake strain hits with a puff of nostalgia that’s reminiscent of earlier OG Kush varieties, especially those circulated around the eastern U.S. in the 2000s.

Backed by effects that reach deep into the power of old-school OG Kush, Wedding Cake soared into the strain spotlight with dazzling colors and dialed-in flavors. We’re not sure when weed descriptions started sounding all fancy, but it feels like Wedding Cake might have been the one to break the icy elegance with its delicate and creamy “mouthfeel” (obligatory ContraPoints meme). 

We have noticed that there seem to be two distinctly different strains going by the name Wedding Cake. Our research indicates that the strain called Pink Cookies was brought from Southern California to Colorado by breeder Kind Love around 2014. It was said to be Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies and in Colorado, it picked up the name Birthday Cake or Birthday Cake Kush. While these names are now used interchangeably with Wedding Cake, and they might come from identical cuttings, it’s also possible they aren’t related at all.


Wedding Cake flowerA great expression of Wedding Cake with triangle-shaped buds

Keeping that in mind, much of the Wedding Cake we’ve seen has fairly slender, triangular shaped buds with bright colors that are very similar to Triangle Kush, while other examples have chunkier shapes and earthier colors that look more related to Cherry Pie. We’ll be talking about the Triangle Kush (TK) version from Seed Junky Genetics instead of the Cherry Pie version unless otherwise specified.

Wedding Cake Genetics

Vintage: 2016

Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Lineage: Triangle Kush (mother) x Animal Mints (male) 

Wedding Cake Effects

The effects of the Wedding Cake strain are very typical of its Triangle Kush mom and will be familiar to fans of OG Kush. A quick onset of uplifting cerebral effects are complemented by a pleasant body high after about 45-60 minutes. Unlike many strains with mind and body effects, the improved mood, energy, and focus don’t fade when the body effect kicks in. Wedding Cake’s gentle onset of physical relaxation comes with mild sedation and increased appetite. Moderate to high doses can add more power to the body effects and can eventually overpower the strain's initial boost of energy.

Regular users with high tolerance may appreciate that the uplifting effects of the day's first toke gradually become more balanced as the day goes on, eventually coaxing the user into a peaceful sleep at the end of the day. 

Wedding Cake Medical Benefits

The Wedding Cake strain is a fairly “broad spectrum” strain that may be effective for a number of ailments. For that reason, it might not appeal to newer users or those looking for targeted treatment with minimal intoxication. On the other hand, patients struggling with nervous system ailments or musculoskeletal pain may find comprehensive relief from a range of symptoms all at once. Wedding Cake also has the potential to relieve anxiety and depression, especially when it manifests in both the mind and body, but patients who only need to unwind mentally may find the body effects to be cumbersome, especially with repeated use of Wedding Cake throughout the day.

Wedding Cake is known to cause dry and red eyes, cottonmouth, and serious cases of the munchies!

Wedding Cake Characteristics

Prime examples of Wedding Cake have stunning colors and a frosty coating of trichomes and resin that shimmers when it catches the light. Slender buds form into colorful triangular shapes with green and purple hues. The aroma is more familiar than one might expect, with earthy overtones that pay homage to its OG Kush roots. An up-close look at the Wedding Cake strain will reveal more complexity including spicy, floral, notes with a hint of citrus. Underneath it all, there’s a sugary, dough-like vanilla aroma that comes to prominence in Wedding Cake’s flavor. 

Examples of the Wedding Cake strain that exhibit Cherry Pie traits may not have the flashy looks we’ve come to expect from exotic strains. The buds are a denser and chunkier version than the TK-dominant version, with a dark green color that might almost appear brownish due to the muted, earthy colors of its pistils. More potent examples of this strain appear frosty and less earthy in color, especially in the right lighting conditions. The aroma and flavors are top notch, however, and the complex aroma and dessert flavors are similar to the TK-dominant version.

Wedding Cake Growing Tips

Wedding Cake is a moderately easy strain to grow, especially compared to other OG and exotic strains. It responds well to topping, and branches laterally. The Wedding Cake strain has a grow time, or flowering period, that’s about 60-64 days that may be shorter depending on the conditions. Vigorous vegetative growth can be problematic without pruning, but otherwise Wedding Cake is fairly resistant to fungal pathogens. Its feeding requirements aren’t particularly unique and the Wedding Cake strain yields a large harvest without the need for dialing in.

Wedding Cake Seeds

It is possible to find Wedding Cake seeds from Seed Junky Genetics online, but we recommend using extreme caution due to the high price and reports of counterfeit seeds. The legitimate seeds released by Seed Junky Genetics were photoperiod F4s so anything that is feminized or says S1 is definitely not from the original breeders.

Two seed banks that currently stock Wedding Cake strain seeds are Supreme Seed Bank and Superior Seed Bank. Both have mixed reviews from customers but the complaints are generally service-related, not claims of counterfeiting.