Viper Cookies

The Cookies parent in Viper Cookies is exactly what you think it is: Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). The GSC parent is often said to be a Forum Cut pheno. So where does the Viper part come from? The Viper part hails from the strain Viper City OG. Hailed as the first licensed brand in California, breeders Moxie 710 combined Viper City OG x GSC (Forum Cut) to bring the world Viper Cookies. Their version of this strain is said to show more of GSC in expression, with Viper adding powerful gas notes to the flower.

Viper Cookies

While GSC is fairly well-known in terms of its effects, Viper is a rarer strain to come by. It’s said to have been initially cultivated by Reeferman seeds before being popularized by Kiona, a Washington-based cannabis producer known for their landrace strains. Viper was bred from an indigenous Burmese landrace and native Mexican strain known as Blackseed; it’s said to have potent cerebral effects.

Viper seeds were said to be first purchased by Mendo Mikey at the 2015 High Times Cup in San Bernardino. The strain gained further popularity along the Mendocino Coast thanks to Madrone farms between 2018 and 2020. Other sources allege that the strain originated from the Bermuda Triangle Seed. Co, a Miami-based seed bank founded in 2017.

One popular distributor of Viper Cookies today is AltSol, a well-known cannabis cultivator based in Washington DC. AltSol’s current Viper Cookies offering is pheno #12 with THC levels testing as high as 30%.

Viper Cookies Strain Effects: Indica or Sativa? 

Considering Viper’s reputation as a potent cerebral strain, it’s a little surprising that Viper Cookies has a stony reputation as an indica-dominant hybrid. Yet the primary type of experience you can expect here is exactly that: sedating and hashy. The first few hits of Viper Cookies start off with a gentle body buzz that’s happy, mellow and euphoric. Contagious giggle fits may soon follow. After a few minutes the high comes in force. It begins with a heavy, stony eyed feeling that spreads throughout the body and continues to creep over time. Stress slips away from the mind, leaving you feeling dreamy, blissed out and relaxed to the max. This is definitely a couch-lock type strain, and as such is probably best consumed in the evenings. Grab a bowl and prepare to melt into the couch watching a good film with friends.

Viper Cookies’ potency makes it a great candidate for medical use. Users report it may aid with a variety of conditions including fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, appetite loss and insomnia.

Users should be warned THC content of this strain can exceed 27%. As such, it’s recommended for experienced users; those with low THC tolerances should exercise caution. Other side effects sometimes associated with this strain include dizziness, dry mouth and anxiety.

Viper Cookies Strain Characteristics and Terpenes

Viper Cookies has a lot going on. Taking a look at Viper Cookies reveals a beautiful plant rife with dark purple and lime green leaves. Thick coats of silvery trichomes and orange pistils cover the entirety of the surface. Buds are tight and compact.

In terms of scent, it’s inherited plenty from its GSC parent including a fresh pine aroma laced with hints of bright lemon. Faint floral notes of lavender may lurk quietly in the earthy background. However the Viper parent exerts a strong influence here, adding in powerful gassy, fuel driven notes that blanket this woodsy aroma.

Combusting this strain transforms its scent profile into something decidedly more hash-y with strong pepper flavors. The experience can start off sweet before going hashy and finishes with a doughy scent reminiscent of its GSC parent. Fruity berry notes can pop up here from time to time, depending on the phenotype.

Viper Cookies is packed with tasty terpenes: tests reveal the terpene count can be as high as 2 percent. Primary terpenes found in this strain include myrcene, caryophyllene and linalool. Secondary terpenes include humulene, a terpene commonly found in hops, and limonene which is found in citrus.

Viper Cookies Grow Info

Viper Cookies, like many great strains, enjoys a warm, semi-humid Mediterranean climate. It can be cultivated in or outdoors but is said to be better suited to indoor grows and typically requires a flowering time of 54-60 days, with ideal harvesting time for outdoor grows in October. This strain is also known to grow quite tall; growers are advised to trim it often for best yields. Currently, seeds available for shipping to the US can be found at Oaseeds and Seedsman, but it may be harder to track down a vendor in the US.

By Janelle Lassalle

Artist, Writer, and Content Creator