Pink Runtz

The Runtz family is packed with flavor, fame, and euphoric effects—and Pink Runtz doesn’t fall far from the tree. If you’re a fan of the original Runtz, Pink Runtz turns the volume up on relaxation and euphoria while muting stress and anxiety. So, how did it all start?

Pink Runtz

The original Runtz was first created by breeder Nick from the Runtz crew (alongside rapper Yung LB and manager Raybamba). Nick managed to find Zkittlez seeds which he crossed with Gelato to create the Runtz we know and love today. 

Today, Runtz is part of Cookies Fam. Berner, a co-founder of Cookies Fam, used his unique marketing skills (rap, merchandising, etc.) to create major hype around Runtz. So, when Pink Runtz came along, it was quickly picked up by the dedicated fanbase surrounding the original Runtz. However, there’s some debate about where precisely the Pink Runtz strain comes from. Most believe it does hail from Cookies Fam as a phenotype of Runtz. Conversely, some say it was bred in-house by CopyCat Genetics. There’s also the rumor that it’s a cross between Rainbow Sherbert and Pink Panties. Whatever the case, the hype around this strain is confirmed via many happy smokers.

One fan says, “This is my favorite of all the Runtz strains. The flavor is phenomenal, but the effects are perfect for any time of day. If I wake’n bake with Pink Runtz, I have zero morning anxiety and feel energized for my day. When I smoke it later in the day, any worries disappear and I’m able to relax physically and mentally. Plus, the body high is great both pre and post-workout.” 

Lineage: Phenotype of Zkittlez x Gelato or Rainbow Sherbert x Pink Panties

Breeder: Cookies Fam or CopyCat Genetics

Pink Runtz Strain Effects: Indica or Sativa?

While we don’t strictly subscribe to the indica/sativa categories, almost everyone describes Pink Runtz as a perfectly balanced hybrid. Its stimulating effects kick in almost instantaneously, but the relaxing body high takes a few extra minutes (or puffs). As you exhale, prepare for an intense cerebral rush that quickly transforms into euphoria. It’s the type of high that involves giggles, joy, and creativity. 

You can wait a few minutes for the body high to take effect or you can take another deep, fruity hit. The giddy stimulating effects will slowly transform into a spine-tingling sensation that creeps into your arms and legs. It’s both relaxing and a bit numbing, which makes it perfect for anyone attempting to ease mild aches and pains. 

The balance of both stimulating and relaxing effects makes it extremely versatile. Those attempting to relieve chronic pain don’t have to worry about couch-lock, and those trying to manage stress and anxiety are less likely to feel over-stimulated. It’s a phenomenal social lubricant, midday pick me up, and even an after-work calming ritual. It’s rare to find one strain that can tick so many boxes, but Pink Runtz does it well.

That being said, this is a potent strain and the effects can be quite strong. Users have reported side effects such as munchies, dry eyes, and dry mouth. With Pink Runtz, it may be best to use in moderation until you’re comfortable with the experience.

Pink Runtz Characteristics and Terpenes

The sweetest of the Runtz family, Pink Runtz is known for its candy-like flavor. Thanks to dominant terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool, Pink Runtz tastes sugary sweet with a fruity cherry flavor and notable sour elements (think sour candy, not sour citrus). 

The overall aroma is very similar to the flavor, but sour notes intensify as the flowers are combusted. On the back end of the aroma, you may even be able to pick up on subtle floral scents thanks to the presence of linalool, which is also present in lavender. Some users report an intensely sweet aroma, while others claim it’s more subtle. This could be due to a variety of reasons (seeds, growing conditions, etc.). 

Once you lay eyes on Pink Runtz nugs, you’ll understand where the name comes from. The buds are densely packed and medium-sized, with spade-shaped nugs ranging in color from minty green to deep purple and, obviously, pink. Thin orange hairs set off the other colors beautifully, and the thick coating of white trichomes makes this gorgeous bud literally shine.

Pink Runtz Grow Info and Seeds

When it comes to growing Pink Runtz, novice growers may want to do some research before diving in. First, Pink Runtz grows fast and big. These plants need plenty of water and nutrients, specifically nitrogen, to keep up with their growth speed. Just remember that moderation is key when it comes to nutrients. If you see discoloration in the leaves, you may be a bit heavy-handed with your nutrients.

They also tend to grow tall instead of wide. You can use high-stress training to encourage outward growth, but many swear by the sea of green (SOG) method for indoor growing, meaning growing many small plants in a compact area to maximize yield in a limited grow space. 

Outdoor growing can be just as successful with Pink Runtz. The plants prefer Mediterranean climates with plenty of sunshine, moderate humidity, and temperatures between 72 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It’s worth noting that indoor growing conditions allow you to more easily lower the temperature during the final flowering week to encourage purple and pink colors. Just make sure there’s adequate airflow. The buds are particularly dense, so airflow is important when it comes to deterring mold and mildew.

Depending on growth techniques, Pink Runtz flowers within 8-10 weeks (indoors), harvests during mid-October (outdoors), and generally has a large yield. When grown indoors, yield can range from 15 to 19 ounces per square meter, whereas outdoor yields range between 18-20 ounces. It all depends on growing conditions and techniques. 

While the genetics of this strain are still up for debate, the original Pink Runtz seeds are pretty much under lock and key. However, if you’re not opposed to feminized and auto-flowering seeds, you’re in luck. Crop King Seeds has auto-flowering Pink Runtz seeds in a variety of pack sizes. Additionally, CopyCat Genetics offers a phenotype that they say was made by “crossing a Pink Panties clone female to a reversal of the Runtz.”