LA Kush Cake

LA Kush Cake is the Jungle Boys’ name for a Seed Junky Genetics cross of Wedding Cake and Kush Mints #11 that was originally just called ‘Kush Cake’. There are a few phenotypes with a variety of effects and flavors, but the strain is best known for the outright power of its couchlock effects, courtesy of the linalool terpene.

LA Kush Cake

Photo courtesy of @my_bud_life_ohio.

Many phenotypes have enough linalool to deliver a knockout punch, but some phenotypes have also become popular for their fruity flavor, including ‘fizzybubblech’, which was named after a drink from the movie You Don’t Mess With the Zohan. Check out our strain entry for Wedding Cake.

LA Kush Cake Genetics

There’s some confusion surrounding the strain's origins and its different names and phenos. We don’t have all the answers, but here’s what we can sort out: While LA Kush Cake and Kush Cake #5 are thought to be the same, it’s likely that they are technically different phenotypes. Kush Cake #5 may be the first version of the strain to see production, and it was probably released as a clone before seeds were made publicly available by Seed Junky Genetics in 2018. We still aren’t sure who made the original Kush Cake #5 selection and where it was first grown, but Kush Cake #5 is still a popular offering from Mohave Cannabis Co. in California and Arizona. 

However, when the Jungle Boys released the strain as LA Kush Cake, they did their own pheno hunt of the Seed Junky line, and released LA Kush Cake #9 and LA Kush Cake #4. If you see something called LA Kush Cake #5, it’s probably based on the original Kush Cake and not one of the same exact cuts that the Jungle Boys use, although it may be similar. 

Note: The LA Kush strain is an OG Kush variety that’s unrelated to LA Kush Cake. 

LA Kush Cake Effects

LA Kush Cake is a potent strain that has powerfully relaxing effects on the body and eventually grinds mental functioning to halt. After mellowing out the user’s mood, the LA Kush Cake strain coaxes your eyelids into closing “just for a minute” — a disingenuous bargain the devil’s lettuce has no intention of honoring. The relief moves from behind the eyes to the back of the head (sometimes called the “headband” effect), and then down through the body with a tingly feeling that will leave a grin on your face while you sink into a comfortable seat. 

Some phenos are relaxing without overwhelming sedation, but the classic Kush Cake #5 is loaded with the terpene linalool, the Macho Man Randy Savage of terpenes, known to dropkick your ambitions to the mat and restrain productivity in its mighty headlock.

LA Kush Cake Characteristics

The LA Kush Cake strain has dense buds with a dark green color highlighted by hues of purple and even the occasional pink. Its hairs are sparse but thick, with a deep orange color. 

Overall, the strain balances sweet, spicy, and fruity flavors that accent the earthy essences of its OG Kush heritage. Many phenotypes of LA Kush Cake have the loud earth and pine aroma of Wedding Cake with a delicate touch of lemon and spice that leaves a lingering sweetness in the air. That creamy vanilla sweetness tends to come alive in the flavor of LA Kush Cake, which carries earthy OG undertones but really brings out the sweet and spicy peppermint flavor of the Kush Mints. 

The smoke is thick and creamy, the kind that seems to hang around in the air for a while and tempt you into toke after toke. 

Growing LA Kush Cake

The LA Kush Cake strain flowering time is said to be 56-63 days but some growers seem to like taking it a bit longer. Reports on LA Kush Cake yields seem to be mixed. It has the potential to do very well indoors because it responds well to topping and stretches vigorously, but we’ve seen some examples of Seed Junky Genetics LA Kush Cake beans that just didn’t seem to stack well, so you may have to search for a heavy producer.

LA Kush Cake Seeds

If you’re looking to grow the Jungle Boys’ LA Kush Cake by Seed Junky Genetics, you can currently find the seeds for sale at Neptune Seed Bank, but they probably won’t last long. They’re also for sale at Platinum Seed Bank. Another option would be to look for clones on a site like Supreme Seed Bank.

You could also look into getting the LA Kush Cake strain from a breeder who has “selfed” the original strain. This isn’t often recommended as it can be an easy way to cash in on someone else's genetics with a second-rate product, but Kyle Kushman’s seed company, Homegrown Cannabis Co, has a lot of credibility. They offer a Kush Cake strain which they claim is more or less the same as the original. 

LA Kush Cake Terpenes

There are several phenos of LA Kush Cake circulating, but we’ve looked through the terpene testing on about a dozen samples called “LA Kush Cake” and “Kush Cake,” and found that most of the time the strain is dominant in beta-caryophyllene, which has a peppery taste and contributes to the spicy characteristics of the strain. That being said, the most distinctive feature of the LA Kush Cake terpene profile is a high level of linalool, which is often found in the second highest concentration besides beta-caryophyllene. Linalool has earthy and floral aromas but provides the minty, almost menthol-like flavor of the LA Kush Cake strain. 

Myrcene and limonene are also found in almost all phenotypes, with some having more of these two terpenes than linalool. In these phenos, we can expect the effects to be less sedating. Humlene and pinene are also very common and come in lower concentrations but still contribute strong earthy characteristics to the strain. Sometimes farsene, terpineol, nerolidol, and bisabolol are found as well. For example, there’s a farsene-dominant pheno that’s popular in Canada, and at least one terpineol-dominant pheno. While these versions may be authentic, they probably don’t capture the head-nodding drowsiness that the LA Kush Cake strain is known for.