Headband Strain

If someone tells you they know the true origin story of the strain Headband, they’re probably bluffing. Many key points in this strain’s history are ambiguous and rife with human error. While we might not be able to pinpoint exactly when this lemon-fuel soaked strain stepped onto the scene, it’s generally accepted that its origins lie in OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

Headband Strain

Why’s it called Headband? Because it feels like it's squeezing your brain, man! 

Many people who smoke Headband weed experience a bit of pressure around their heads that kind of makes it feel like they’re wearing a headband. But, despite the source of its name, the Headband strain is popular with experienced tokers because of its ability to help them relax and alleviate pain.

Just make sure you know what you’re getting. You’ll find multiple “headband strains” on the market these days that are each a bit different. But we’re here to help you figure out which is which, and which headband strain is the right one for you.

Where Does Headband Weed Strain Come From?

The most common story you’ll hear about the origin of Headband (also known as HB) weed is that it was a cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, originally bred by either Loompa Farms or DNA Genetics. According to some, however, the Headband strain is a cross between Northern Lights and Sour Diesel, and it was first cultivated in the ’90s by a guy named Weasel. 

Which one is true? No one can say for sure. The ‘90s were a very long time ago.

Legend has it that the archetypal Headband strain, 707, was just an (allegedly stolen) OG Kush clone. The fact that Headband weed shares its citrusy, rocket-fuel profile, relaxing high, and unmistakable “headband” sensation with OG is no coincidence.

In the early 2000s, Mandelbrot (a.k.a. the late Ras Truth) and legendary breeder and cannabis historian Notsodog were running different Sours and arranged to trade each other four cuts apiece. Of the four Sour Diesel mothers Mandelbrot offered to Notsodog, he noted that two were actually Headband weed. All four plants were unlabeled, and after cloning and tending to them, Notsodog realized that the plants were basically indistinguishable from his own Sour.

Thinking he’d received four cuts of Sour, Notsodog named and ran the plants as such… only for Mandelbrot to tell him months later that he had, in fact, given Notsodog four cuts of Headband strain. To complicate things further, Mandelbrot clarified that the Headband weed strain in question was more commonly known as LA Kush.

Notsodog’s favored Headband/LA Kush cut, reeking of diesel and offering a killer cerebral experience, was then crossed by Mandelbrot with an unspecified father (rumored to be Master Kush), to produce what smokers in Humboldt County and beyond recognized as the 707 Headband strain. 

After Mandelbrot’s untimely passing, this top-shelf flower (along with much of Mandelbrot’s prolific catalog) was preserved by Emerald Mountain Legacy. The Humboldt Seed Organization collaborated with Emerald Mountain Legacy to offer a further refined version.

Is Headband Strain Sativa or Indica?

Headband weed is a hybrid that’s 60% indica and 40% sativa.

How to Know Which Strain of Headband Weed You’re Buying

Any good marijuana dispensary will be able to give you background information on whatever strains of weed they’re selling. If they have a decent website, you should be able to read up on their products, including the background of the strain and some of its effects. 

If you can see the buds online or in-store, always be sure to check them out. Most strains of Headband are known to produce small- to medium-sized, dense, electric green nugs that are trichome-frosted and usually covered with long, thick, dark orange pistils. 

Dispensaries should be specific on whether you’re getting OG Headband, 707 Headband, or something else entirely. Always be sure to ask questions if anything is unclear, and come armed with the wisdom of Gentleman Toker at your side.

Why Is Headband Strain so Popular?

Like many OGs, Headband has been reported to relieve migraine sufferers, as it dampens both the physical and mental discomfort that migraines bring. It’s also a great stress reliever. Whether your stress is rooted in an anxiety disorder, the events from your day-to-day life, or a little of both, Headband weed will put your mind at ease. 

The Flavor of Headband Weed

Headband strain is generally well known for its pungent lemon and fuel profile. Notsodog’s LA Kush was described as still having a citrusy aroma, but is dominated by diesel. 707 Headband weed is known to have more of a skunk smell than OG Headband.

Headband Strain Effects

As mentioned, older cuts of Headband had an uncanny resemblance to OG Kush. The effects are known to be relaxing, both mentally and physically. 707 Headband offers a heavily cerebral high, often kicking off with a tingling/pressure sensation around the user’s eyes and temples. As stated by Humboldt Seeds, “Wearing a ‘headband’ describes perfectly its powerful cerebral effects, which can be immediately felt behind the eyes and across the forehead as this new elite hybrid lives up to its name.” 

At more modest doses, the 707 Headband strain offers powerful mental stimulation, including increased creativity, boosted mood, and even arousal. At these levels, there’s a noticeable absence of mental fog or couchlock, making this an ideal strain to get through errands, a workout, or a social event. 

Being somewhat of a Swiss Army strain, higher doses of the invigorating sativa can result in full-body relaxation, which more experienced tokers will find useful for easing into sleep. It is important to remember that this strain can be mentally intense, and users with a lower tolerance might find higher doses to be more anxiety-inducing than relaxing.

OG Headband is distinguished by its significantly ramped-up effects. Loompa Farms described it as, “The kind of herb that has you holding it in to get the fullest effect. It has had seasoned smokers passing out, swearing it's laced.” A little goes a long way with this cut, both in terms of strong effects and long-lasting high. 

A good number of users consistently report both dry mouth and eyes across the different varieties of this strain. Loompa’s Headband strain (and 707 Headband at higher doses) can be an intense sedative, and some experience dizziness as a result. 

Headband Crosses

Headband Cookies Strain

Made by crossing Headband with a whole bunch of different strains, including Mandarin Cookies, Chem D, I-95, and California Black Rose, Headband Cookies strain has more of a tar flavor than the OG. This strain is known to be energizing and keeps the pain and stress-relieving effects of HB weed. 

Strawberry Headband Strain

One of the newer cuts, Strawberry Headband strain is a mix of Strawberry Tahoe and 808 Headband. It mixes the pungent flavor and relaxing high of Headband weed with the sweet flavor of strawberries.

Growing the Headband Strain

707 Headband grows well both indoors and outdoors, with a relatively short flowering period of roughly 63 days, with Loompa’s OG Headband strain needing closer to 10 weeks. The seeds are said to produce monstrous buds, resulting in very high yields. Other growers have reported that 707 Headband will sometimes produce more “popcorn” style buds, thus reducing the potential yield. 

Headband weed is a good option for novice growers, as it is known to require little attention and nutrients. Seeds for Humboldt’s 707 Headband are usually available from the Humboldt Seed Organization, but you may also find them at other trusted seedbanks.

Where to Find Good Headband Weed

It depends! Recreational dispensaries are always updating their menus, moving in new products, and moving out others. Some of the places in DC where we’ve tried and reviewed Headband strains aren’t offering it anymore. That’s why it's always good to check back with your favorite dispensary regularly to see what new products they have in stock.

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