Fire OG

Fire OG is a hybrid of two classic west-coast OG Kush varieties that’s often regarded as one of the most potent OG Kush strains you can find. It was bred by Cali Connection and relies heavily on the legendary San Fernando Valley OG (known as SFV OG) and the breeding of Swerve, best known for his work with LA area clone-only OG Kushes.

Fire OG

To create Fire OG, Swerve crossed his SFV OG Kush F3 (an SFV OG x Afghani #1) with Raskal’s OG Kush, which he calls “one of the most amazing ogs there is, a pure og in its truest form”. Raskal’s OG Kush was also bred by Cali Connection using the same SFV OG Kush with Raskal’s ‘fire cut’ OG Kush clone. Raskal (aka OG Raskal) was one of the first to handle OG Kush after it arrived in Los Angeles from Tampa Bay by the name Triangle Kush, and Swerve calls Raskal “the sickest og grower on the planet”. Fire OG made its name in the early 2000s but it’s remained popular ever since. You also might encounter Fire OG crossed into newer varieties like WiFi OG and Emerald Fire OG.

Fire OG Effects

OG Kush is known for bringing balanced highs that check all the boxes and Fire OG is no different, except that the Afghani lineage introduced by Cali Connection adds a heavier punch and “couch lock” than most clone-only OG varieties. It’s also one of the higher THC varieties of OG Kush that has both an immediate onset and headrush followed by long-lasting body effects and euphoria which taper off into relaxation and drowsiness after several hours. At smaller doses it can be uplifting and some users describe it as creative, but with moderate to high doses the warm and fuzzy body sensations will draw you towards a comfortable seat. Be prepared for the munchies, cottonmouth, and red eyes! Side effects of dizziness, anxiety, paranoia, slurred speech, and insomnia have also been reported.

What Does Fire OG Taste and Smell Like?

Fire OG brings all the loud and musky earth and pine overtones of OG Kush with notes of lemon that give off a faint smell of Lemon Pledge. The flavor is smooth and creamy with some hints of gas and fruit underneath the lemony earthiness. The primary terpene of the Fire OG strain is limonene, with secondary terpenes of myrcene and caryophyllene. It also has lesser amounts of linalool, beta pinene, alpha terpineol, alpha pinene, fenchol, and alpha bisabolol.

Fire OG Grow Tips

Fire OG is considered a finicky strain to grow, even for an OG Kush (which are not typically beginner-friendly varieties). It’s known to feed heavily on phosphorus and like other OGs may be sensitive to changes in humidity. The Fire OG flowering time is between 70-83 days and Cali Connection suggests “letting this baby go full term as bud swell and resin production double at the end of week 10 resulting in a super stoney potent bud’. Harvested earlier, the bud will still provide a strong effect without as much body load and drowsiness. The breeders at Cali Connection comment to “flip when the clone is about 12-14” tall and expect 3.5-4 ft tall plants”.

Fire OG Seeds and Clones

Cali Connection seeds can be found on their website but as of now they only have SFV OG and Tahoe OG, but not Fire OG seeds. You can find their Raskal OG at Seed Cellar but again, no Fire OG. As mentioned above, Dark Heart Nursery stocks Fire OG clones but otherwise, you may want to regularly check sites like Strainly for Fire OG clone vendors.