Duct Tape

Known for its potent trichome production, Duct Tape was first introduced to the cannabis world through a breeder known as “ThaDocta”, aka Fletcher Watson. He’s a long-time staple in the Pacific Northwest and one of the most respected breeders for indoor enthusiasts, providing choice seeds for favorites like Dosidos, Face Off OG, and other elite strains.

Duct Tape

Fletcher’s dream was to create heirloom strains from landrace plants with genetics that could be verified as originals. His nickname is all too fitting: ThaDocta applied his engineering aspirations to cannabis at a young age and has spent well over a decade analyzing and comparing clones to ensure genetic excellence. 

Fletcher initially distributed his prized strains among close friends and family. He would later go on to found Archive Seed Bank in Portland, OR so that he would be able to share his work with the world. He’s one of the rare breeders that’s highly respected in almost every niche in the community. Oh, and make sure you check out his seed bank if you’re in town- it’s also one of Portland’s best dispensaries.

Duct Tape is a cross between two iconic parents: GG #4 (also known as ‘Original Glue’) and Do-Si-Dos. Since its introduction it’s gained popularity in the Pacific Northwest, particularly in areas such as Portland and the adjacent Washington state. 

Duct Tape Strain Effects

The best way to get a sense of Duct Tape’s unique effects is to examine the properties of its parents. In this case let’s take a look at Gorilla Glue #4 and Do-Si-Dos.

Gorilla Glue has a reputation for being a “heavy” strain that can produce intense feelings of sedation that leave you glued to the couch. It can be enjoyed during the day or night. However its effects can vary wildly. It can sometimes boast more of a hybrid-like profile in terms of offering cerebral or creative effects.

Meanwhile Do-Si-Dos is known for being a very mellow, relaxing strain best enjoyed at night. It delivers a gentle body high that helps wipe away stress and anxiety, making it an ideal choice for an end of the day strain. 

Duct Tape, then, is very much its parents' baby. A high volume of trichomes suggests a lot of terpenes–which, in turn, each have their own properties. Effects can begin rapidly and may feel very potent at first. This strain can feel extremely euphoric in the initial stages, with some reporting strong cerebral effects as well. While reports vary, some of the effects associated with Duct Tape include a feeling of energy, creativity or uplifted mood. The initial euphoria tapers off into a warm body high that’ll leave you couch locked. Many recommend to enjoy this strain at the end of a long day as it might just be the perfect thing to knock you out. Just be aware that Duct Tape is the kind of strain that’ll hit you with the munchies and induce a giggle fit over whatever Netflix show you’re watching. Alternatively, if you prefer some intimacy before bed, some reports mention this is also a very “sensual” strain that can be enjoyed on date night.

Medical patients choose this strain for its tasty flavor profile and potent effects. Patients report using Duct Tape for stress, depression, fatigue or ADHD. It’s also said to be excellent for chronic pain, particularly lower back pain. Other conditions that may benefit from this strain include headaches and anxiety. Many also note it's a good pick for insomnia. 

Duct Tape Strain Characteristics

Growers first gave parent “Gorilla Glue” its name because their scissors couldn’t trim the intensely sticky buds without getting stuck together. The name is just as fitting for Duct Tape. This plant is routinely admired for its high volume of glittering, sticky trichomes. As such it boasts a rich, complex terpene profile with an equally tantalizing flavor to boot. 

Duct Tape buds are light to mint colored green. Their shape tapers to an almost spade-like shape which is covered with dark brown or long amber hairs. The buds are absolutely covered with resinous trichomes. 

Duct Tape’s initial aroma might fool you into thinking you’re in a forest. The first scent is pine followed by strong notes of pine, coffee and chocolate. It’s woodsy, slightly spicy and fresh. Fuel and diesel notes linger on a clean finish; some fruity notes may play in the background that may remind one of Bubba Kush’s scent. Taking a hit delivers a sweet chocolate flavor that’s almost nutty and moves to an earthy, grassy profile shortly after.

Do-Si-Dos is known for its unique terpene profile that’s especially high in linalool, a terpene found in lavender. Linalool’s anti-anxiety properties are thought to contribute to the relaxing experience of Do-Si-Dos. The same can be said for Duct Tape; it’s likely that the ‘couch-lock’ experience can be attributed to high levels of linalool and myrcene. 

Duct Tape Strain Grow Tips And Info

Duct Tape is said to be of moderate growing difficulty. Reports vary as to its potential height, with some noting short heights and others seeing taller plants. It can be grown in or outdoors, requires 10 weeks to flower and has an ideal harvesting time in early October. This strain is also said to have a high resistance to disease. 

Where To Buy Duct Tape Seeds and Clones

You can find regular Duct Tape seeds from Archive Seed Bank Oregon residents may also be able to find clones for purchase through Archive Dispensary in Portland.

By Janelle Lassalle

Artist, Writer, and Content Creator