Animal Cookies

It is a universally acknowledged truth that many of the most beloved strains come from the Cookies family. Spurred on by the success of Girl Scout Cookies a.k.a. GSC, breeders all over the world have been experimenting with the strain ever since its debut around 2012. Many fantastic strains have emerged as a result of these experiments including Animal Cookies, also sometimes known as Animal Crackers.

Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies was originally introduced to the cannabis world by the Canadian BC Bud Depot. It’s the result of a cross between a Fire OG plant and a Girl Scout Cookies pheno that won the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2013. The original idea behind the strain was a desire to improve on the iconic classic GSC. In doing so, Animal Cookies emerged as a more potent version with better yields. 

Seed Junky Genetics used BC Bud Depot’s version to release their own take on the strain. This version was designed with access in mind, says Seed Junky, “to bring the Animal Cookies strain qualities to those without access to the Animal Cookies clone only.” 

“All of the females we have seen from this selection have been Animal Cookies dominant, which makes it easy to find a very close representation of the Animal Cookies clone,” Seed Junky says.

The new version offers a number of benefits for growers including a low nutrient diet requirement and faster vegetation rate. Flowers are said to have intense bag appeal, ‘extreme’ nug density and a more potent flavor. It’s also said to be a great strain to use for working on strain preservation or better yields with GSC flowers.

A new version of Animal Cookies also appears to have been released by BC Bud Depot in early 2022.

Animal Cookies Effects: Indica or Sativa?

Girl Scout Cookies is the product of Durban Poison and OG Kush parents — a true sativa and indica, respectively. As such, GSC is considered to be a perfectly balanced hybrid (50/50 indica and sativa), with cerebral and physical effects that reflect the lineage of both parents. 

Fire OG (sometimes known as Fire OG Kush) on the other hand, is considered to be an indica-leaning variety, categorized as 70/30 indica to sativa. It’s also extremely potent, with some calling it one of the most powerful Kush strains in the family. 

As such, the effect profile of Animal Cookies is largely indica leaning. It’s often characterized as a 70% indica to 30% sativa balance, just like its Kush parent. 

Animal Cookies is known for producing a body high with a rapid onset. The body high is so powerful that it’s also referred to as a ‘body melt’ or narcotic-like. A sense of couch lock, stoniness or sedation may quickly follow. Physical relaxation unfolds over the body, easing muscle tensions, aches and pains. Stressful thoughts slip away into a gentle lull as your mind becomes blissfully blank. It’s easy to doze off after a few tokes of Animal Cookies, which is why it’s best enjoyed at the end of a long day or right before bed.

This strain’s powerful sedating and analgesic properties make it an excellent candidate for medical use. Medical patients report Animal Cookies may benefit a number of conditions including insomnia, headaches and acute/chronic pain (particularly joint/arthritis pain). It’s also a great choice for patients looking to treat nausea or appetite loss such as those with cancer. Some mood lifting properties make Animal Cookies a top pick for those seeking relief from anxiety, stress or depression. 

Side effects reported with this strain can include dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety and paranoia.

Animal Cookies Terpenes and Characteristics

Bred to improve on an already legendary strain, Animal Cookies is a potent plant that offers high yields for growers. Subsequent versions such as those made by Seed Junky also claim to have even more potent plants with improved bag appeal. 

Animal Cookies plants are generally in the medium to tall range. Dark green fan leaves with purple tips are especially prominent as they tower over buds. Short, highly dense medium-sized buds are grouped together in popcorn-like clusters. Buds are dark green but can sometimes exhibit a range of hues including purple or yellow. 

This strain smells as incredible as it looks, with a sweet aroma that smells faintly of cherries and cookies. Sharp peppery notes rise up to meet the sweet. An earthy aroma that can have a sour funk to it joins to finish with a clean pine-laden scent. 

This strain is said to inherit the primary flavors of its GSC parent: vanilla, cherry and pine. Inhale to enjoy hints of spicy pepper mixed with a faint nuttiness. The exhale is sweet cherries with vanilla, finishing smoothly in a thick cloud of smoke with a slight spicy kick. 

Terpenes that make up this rich flavor include the peppery caryophyllene, humulene and myrcene. 

Animal Cookies Seeds and Growing

This is a challenging strain to grow. Large fan leaves can block light circulation to other parts of the plant, which is why growers will want to trim this plant often. It’s recommended that Animal Cookies is grown indoors so as to maintain proper airflow and humidity levels. Animal Cookies typically has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, with September as the ideal month to harvest. 

Unfortunately for growers the original breeders, BC Bud Depot, didn’t document their original phenos. That means the only way to grow Animal Cookies is to buy seeds, cuttings or clones from plants that already exist. Luckily enough, BC Bud Depot offers seeds for sale on their website.

By Janelle Lassalle

Artist, Writer, and Content Creator