Nug Run DC is the newest initiative 71 brand to try their hand at satisfying the DC masses (here's the link to their website). After experiencing several unsatisfactory edibles, these folks took matters into their own hands to provide the District with the premium products it deserves. With a strong gift menu that includes top shelf flower, concentrates, & delicious gummies, this delivery service has plenty to keep locals (and even a self-proclaimed chonnoisseur such as moi) satisfied. [caption id="attachment_1944" align="aligncenter" width="960"] WiFi OG[/caption] Random sidenote, who's excited for these NBA Playoffs? Let's go Golden State Warriors! I'm a Chicago native and avid Bulls fan (MJ #23 for Life) and I dislike all things Lebron. Oh, I know, I'm just a hater. Listen, I wholeheartedly respect his drive and everything he contributes off the court. BUT THE FLOPPING, GUYS, NO. Ye deaf and cruel elder commissioner gods, end this flagrant chicanery! Quickly, before Rubber-Band-Manning infects the League any further than it already has! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Sydney Poitier, he is not.[/caption] Alright, it's review time! WiFi OG takes the tip-off with NugRun DC featuring both flowers and shatter from this same strain. The dense nugs are a beautiful bright green, shellacked in trichomes, and bear a powerful, pungent scent that brought on flashbacks of NBA Jam cuz damn, this flower's on fire! The shatter was a dark amber color with a warm spicy aroma that leaves a lingering citrus taste in your mouth after each dab. A true sativa-dominant hybrid that produces a stimulating, focused high. I took 2 bong snaps and 1 dab to start my Saturday, then happily completed 4 hrs worth of programming. This is an ideal strain for consumers searching for productivity enhancement and uplifting effects. If you're more of a rosin fan when it comes to concentrates, Nug Run's Gorilla Glue #4 is sure to knock your stockings off! A sandy tan greasy budder that is fairly easy to manage and carries a sweet aroma and taste of lemon, fuel and pine. After two dabs my body was heavy as bricks, I was absolutely sure my brain was still functioning as I couldn't stop brainstorming, but I was ultimately couch locked. This may be perfect for those that need to focus on one task without much motion involved. I used it most when gaming, I was able to completely immerse myself in a few full length NBA 2k matches, finished Mafia 3, finally, and owned some noobs in Battlefield 1. By the way, If you're on Steam, let's play! (Username: DopeNerd420) Nug Run also offers a delicious selection of gummies that offers a lovely fruity taste. I received two bags of gummies, and ate both in one sitting, as each individual gummy carries about 6mg of THC.I have an abnormally high tolerance so I don't expect the best results when it comes to edibles, but I felt a mild high that subsided after an hour. Overall, I was really impressed with Nug Run DC. This robust gift menu isn't listed on the website, but you can add a message, as well as choose your delivery window, when you place your order. You can Follow NugRun DC on Instagram for new gift drop announcements and don't forget to Follow your favorite DopeNerd, too, pretty please! Til next time!

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