Cloud 9 DC White Tahoe marijuana flowers White Tahoe Cookies (Cloud 9) Only a couple more days to stock up on cannabis to make your visit with in-laws and other people's children more tolerable, friends. Stock up now! Don't go emailing me at ten o'clock on Christmas Eve asking where the weed's at! I'll be on the roof staking out Saint Nick as I do every year, ever since he brought me Nintendo Jeopardy instead of a real video game. You don't even get to fight Alex Trebek! That's when I started making my own list. But never you mind that! Today our friends at I71 delivery fave Cloud 9 have White Tahoe Cookies to share with you, pictured above, along with Super Glue, Burmese Kush, Trainwreck, and Super Blue Dream flower gifts. Have a safe and peaceful holiday, everybody!

Review: Trainwreck

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