White Fire OG (Bagged Buds)

White Fire OG

OHMYGOD A HURRICANE'S A'COMIN' Y'ALL!!! The news is all like FLORENCE: SHE'S GONNA MESS YOU UP. It sounds like we're out of the Danger Zone but you're gonna have a hard time getting bud delivered if the roads are flooded or you can't charge your phone or- aghast! your in-laws from Norfolk have to stay with you for a week. STOCK UP NOW, BABY! Your Tuesday gift selection from I71 delivery & pick-up fave Bagged Buds includes:

Agent Orange
Lemon Haze
Sour Diesel

Wedding Cake (Limited Quantity!)
Duplex Cookies

Gorilla Cookies (Limited Quantity!)
Punch OG (Limited Quantity!)
Fire OG
Sunset Sherbet
True OG

Review: Sunset Sherbet

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