Walden Pineapple BHO from Local Roots

Walden Pineapple BHO Greetings again, my friends. It's July 4th, folks, and you know what that means! Yes, indeed, today will be the 2nd highest sales day for adult-use marijuana in the country! Hey, I'm doin my part. We're gonna check out some of Walden's BHO today.

And exciting news this week for Nevada’s medical marijuana dispensaries, which officially opened their doors to adults over the age of 21 on Saturday. I can't wait to see what GT finds on his visit!

Walden Pineapple BHO 

Meanwhile, here's what I found in a $5 preroll recently. If you missed last week's article, check out my tips for avoiding lousy joints!

Back in Washington State, Saturday marked the final passage of SB 5131, which, among other things, allows medical marijuana card holders to purchase seeds and clones from I-502 licensed producers. As a result, patients are able to grow their own medicine from start to finish without breaking the law.

Also included are restrictions on advertising, an increase in the maximum number of retailers an individual can have partial ownership of, and a new intellectual property section that allows for licensing agreements and consulting contracts.

While it may appear mundane, the new IP section removes a number of barriers that prevent licensees from legally receiving compensation from another license for sharing proprietary methods, branding, or technology.

The aim is to prevent ordinary exchange of intellectual property from becoming a hidden ownership or  compensation violation. If you're thinking about trying to sell your IP in Washington State, it won't be quite that easy. Any entity engaged in licensing or contracting IP must still meet WSLCB eligibility requirements.

Hey wait a minute, where’s everybody going? HEY LOOK!

Mickey kush prerolls local roots

Mmmmm. Is that cannadew forming on my morning dab? The Walden brand caught my eye at Local Roots and, having loved their Mickey Kush prerolls, I had to try it!

Pineapple, not to be confused with Pineapple Express, is the result of inbreeding Ed Rosenthal’s Super Bud (ERSB). It's been years since I last had it, and let me tell you, I forgot what it was all about. This stuff is truly a terp hunter’s delight!

Sure, there's the familiar permeating odor of  BHO but the real treat is TASTING this product. It tastes like Pineapple, plain and simple. What more do you want? A relaxing and uplifting effect that slowly succumbs to the powerful sedative effects of the Hindu Kush in it's lineage? Got that, too.

Happy 4th, Gentlefolk Tokers. PLEASE save someone's life- bring weed and designate drivers. Every joint that replaces an alcoholic beverage will make a difference today!

Until next week!

Walden Pineapple BHO packaging composition