Violator Kush (Lifted Shop DC)

Lifted Shop DC has quite the storied history for a brand new brand. Located upstairs from Listen Vision Studios, the recording studio that has been a hub for the local cannabis scene since the early days of I71, hosting shows from local luminaries like DC Scroger and Phone Homie along with many community events throughout the years. Lifted Shop DC works as their marketing arm, selling coupons redeemable for discounts on Listen Vision's recording and promotional services, with cannabis gifts available, of course. You want to record an album of haikus based on the show Friends? No problem. Podcast about your erotic vampire fan fiction? Indubitably! A YouTube show to warn the sheeple about the Reptoid World Order and how 5G was invented to activate the Masonic energy siphons hidden in the Great Pyramids, triggering a cataclysmic failure in the Earth's core that leads to an extinction level event? Well, no, I mean, that's my show. Do your own thing. Geez.

Lifted Shop DC has a fun, kitschy "flight to Jamaica" theme throughout their website and Georgia Ave storefront. You can jump to photos of their cannabis gifts by clicking on In-Flight menu (a condensed, text version of their current selection is on the Delivery page along with their associated coupon prices & order info). Clicking on Flight Times jumps to their hours of operation, address, and contact info, while Free Flights jumps to their specials. Commendably, their specials include free cannabis gifts for returning your old Lifted Shop jars. Irie, baby!

lifted shop dc violator kush weed photo

Today we're gonna review Lifted Shop DC's Violator Kush flowers. My five gram sample was composed of two round, extra-large buds in a Lifted Shop branded mylar bag which (the Gentleman was happy to see) had been fully expanded to accommodate them without any compression. The color ranges from light green to olive with short brown hairs sparsely interspersed. Trichome coverage is excellent, with visible sparklies extending fully across the surface. The manicure is nearly perfect. A couple of sugar leaves were pressed tight against the bud, but all extraneous stems had been removed. Moisture levels are ideal, crushing under your finger without a sound and springing back with ease. On the dense side, these nugs are bound tight, but not too difficult to work with by hand. Overall bag appeal here is excellent.

lifted shop dc violator kush ground photo

Moving forward, Lifted DC's Violator Kush manages to impress even further. Foremost, it has a very appealing aroma of lavender with an undercurrent of soap. The first is easy enough to identify as the terpene linalool. The second lines up with ocimene, based on my experience. It grinds down a little chunky, but softer than a duck's ass. What, you don't...uh, you know, we're just gonna plow through it. It smokes quite smoothly, with no acrid bite, and light enough that I can smoke a full joint without coughing. Full marks here, old chap.

Violator Kush is a very chill high. Its potent enough that a bowl has me incredibly calm and relaxed, but not at all overwhelming. I think that folks who find weed today too potent and yearn for the lids they remember from halcyon days of yore will enjoy this one. Every time I smoke it, I want to lay back and play video games while my thoughts bounce around softly on light, fluffy cotton candy clouds. But I can get up and do stuff if I have to. Sigh.

lifted shop dc branded packaging bag photo

But it is difficult to focus, so you'll find it better for brainstorming doomsday weapons than work that requires sustained, logical thought, like building doomsday weapons. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make giant, radioactive lizards? Do you??? Because sneaking my iguana into x-ray machines only gave him the cancer. I'm so sorry, Mr. Pringles.

Anyhoo yeets dead lizard we were talking about Lifted Shop DC. Their Violator Kush is one beautiful cannabis specimen. Color me impressed. Not to mention they also have the coveted Cookies brand of flowers available in limited quantities! I tried the Berry Pie and it was exquisite. The Gentleman highly recommends you check these folks out for yourself.