Verano G6 Swift Lifts

Verano is the hottest name on the Maryland medical marijuana market right now. The dispensaries I’ve talked to all run out of any Verano flowers in a hurry, but I swung by Herbology in Gaithersburg on 4/20 and managed to get my hands on some Swift Lifts.

This 5 pack of half-gram joints (in a very attractive and useful tin) cost $40, so eight bucks for each jay of their G6/Jet Fuel strain.

Verano Maryland prerolls

I’ll do a full write-up of Verano when I get full flowers in- ZenLeaf’s two locations in Waldorf and Jessup are good bets, since they’re vertically integrated with Verano (that is, they’re owned by the same organization), but I do have some quick thoughts about the Swift Lifts I got:

  • absolutely ground from flower. I could tell that from the smooth smoke and slow burn already, but I went ahead and cut one up so you could see the tiny, even…uh, particles…that you get from ground flower, unlike the uneven, jagged chunks from shake. I swear, the sacrifices I make for you, and do you even appreciate it? No, you just come home and turn on your hockey sports with barely a word to me. Or the children! Do you even love us, Howard?
  • the scent is off. We definitely got a case of sweaty feet up in the G6. You’d know all about that, wouldn’t you? It’s like living with a…with a…Neanderthal! Howard? Are you even listening to me?
  • I was pleasantly surprised that the flavor and smoke is not off. Usually, when the smell is off, you’ll find a harsh or acrid smoke, but that’s not the case here. Absolutely delightful. Just like that handsome young vacuum salesman who dropped by today. Hmm…
  • Excellent medical benefits. Immediately took the edge off after a long day of navigating unfamiliar terrain, traffic, and queues without slowing me down, so I could still get work done. Oh, don’t you dare laugh! I raise your children, I cook your meals, I wash your rotten drawers! Speaking of stains, Howard…I need a new vacuum. No, I’ll take care of it. How would you even know what I need? pours wine
Swift Lifts Maryland Joints

There were definitely 5 to start.

By the Numbers!

Verano Swift Lift G6
$40 for 2.5 grams
THC- 0.44%
CBG- 0.17%
CBGa- 0.34%
CBDa- 0.10%
Limonene- 1.252%
alpha-Pinene- .065%
beta-Pinene- 0.217%
Myrcene- 0.533%
Linalool 0.194%
beta-Caryohpyllene- 0.286%

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