VapeMaster Sunset Sherbet Cartridge (Canamelo)
Canamelo has long been one of the Gentleman's favorite DC delivery brands. Their current batch of premium outdoor flowers is excellent, especially the Jesus OG I smoked before I got around to taking pictures. Sometimes Daddy ain't got time for cameras! The Gelato Pie was especially sparkly and even though Blue Dream is never gonna be on my shortlist of gimme gimmes, I wouldn't kick it out of my pipe for eatin' crackers, if you know what I mean (I don't and would appreciate an explanation). [caption id="attachment_1853" align="aligncenter" width="300"] VISIT CANAMELO![/caption] Since it's almost Happy Presents Day, you'll be interested to know that a quarter-ounce gift of flower ALSO comes with a Canamelo custom-branded Re:Stash Jar to keep your flowers fresh! The Re:Stash jar is pretty nifty. It starts with an old-fashioned mason jar, long a byword for freshness, to keep that delicious dank aroma trapped inside. The mason jar then gets wrapped in a dark, heavy silicone koozie to keep nasty UV rays from degrading your flowers (yes, that's a thing). The CPSC certified, child-resistant lid is a flax fiber-filled, FDA-approved polypropylene made from 30% Farm Waste (and made in Portland, Oregon), cuz we need the environment to grow weed in and fill the jars, that's just basic sense, peeps. Canamelo also has some new vape cartridges in they wanted me to tell you about from VapeMaster. I got a Sunset Sherbet cart to try out. It's distillate-based, which means significant potency. I don't have to put it down but I'm feeling it good at three draws, at max effect after five or six. The flavor is neutral and lacks any harshness, so it's easy to keep puffing away and keep your spirits bright. PLEASE BE ADVISED: Recent news reports suggest there is a risk of severe lung damage associated with vaping. State health authorities are investigating. VAPE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Sunset Sherbet flowers and concentrate straight up invaded DC in 2017, so I'm pretty familiar with this strain. The cartridge dials the potency of this happy, indica-leaning hybrid back a bit, so I get the best parts- relaxed mind, upbeat mood, and sensory enhancement without making me fuzzy-headed or couch-bound. Perfect for traipsing the museum circuit but in this cold, you'll find me inside binging on The Magicians, thank you. To which I'd like to get back, so good day to you, sir. I said good day! [caption id="attachment_3306" align="aligncenter" width="720"] My bad, apparently this was made by The Punisher[/caption] Subscribe to my Newsletter for more jokes and more insights, whatever you're into, baby! You want me to dance a little bit, huh? Is that what you like?