Here's your week in DMV weed news!


After Portsmouth prosecutors announced they were going to drop misdemeanor marijuana possession cases, district attorneys for Richmond & other counties announced their intention to keep the status quo.

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"I think it's a complex issue and each locality has to do whatever reflects the will and the tolerance of its community. I'm not there, yet, for the city," said Richmond Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Herring.

What Mike actually means is: "We can't just stop incarcerating black and brown people for smoking weed. Think of the poor for-profit prison shareholders! IS NO ONE THINKING OF THE DIVIDENDS?"

Meanwhile, Virginia's nascent MMJ program is having trouble getting doctors to sign up. Hmm, could it have anything to do with the fact that MMJ patients in VA are still subject to arrest bc you've made no provision for them under the law? All told, only 251 doctors out of 35k+ have signed up.


Washington DC

Looking for something to do for 420? Hit up National Cannabis Festivaltomorrow! Boom! I helped you out of that jam. Need something to do before then? Get to know NCF's founder Caroline Phillips in this WaPo article.

Are DC's housing prices being held in check because recreational cannabis sales are still illegal? This piece from Urban Turf argues so. And they've got a good point. When the flip switches, demand is going to climb even higher, just as we've seen in CO & other states. Unless they get sketched out by all the rats running around Dupont, like I did. Ewww gross.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District's lone, non-voting representative to Congress, has re-introduced a bill to allow citizens in federally-assisted housing to take advantage of I71's possession and grow laws. She's re-introducing it cuz it got nowhere the first time and it'll go nowhere this time. I mean, EHN seems like a nice lady and all, but she couldn't beat Kirin with a power level that low.



Meet Blissiva, a “female-focused” company that makes cannabis products for women, at Greenhouse Wellness in Ellicott City tomorrow! They'll be re-debuting their Balance vape Pen tomorrow and expect heavy sales- their first run sold out in 12 weeks.

"Apgar declined to provide specifics on future products they plan to roll out, but said they will help with chronic pelvic pain, decreased sex libido and vaginal dryness." FYI, GT has been clinically proven to help with all three. My butt rubs are legendary.

A neuroscientist says in the Sun that a recent study proves marijuana consumption can cause the genetically-predisposed. Which they don't know how to test for yet. HEY DOC! It's 2019. We don't care about facts or science any more. Didn't you get the memo?